Mom Busts Some Back-To-School Moves

Look Out, Miley!

Mom Busts Some Back-To-School Moves

back to school dance

Ah, back to school... How are you feeling about it? Bittersweet? Are the butterflies doing their thing in your stomach as you read this? While some parents lament that first drop off after a long lazy summer, others, well, bust some moves in celebration.

According to an article in Today Moms, Tracy Moutafis is one of those moms who shakes a leg rather than sheds a tear. The Massachusetts mother was filmed getting jiggy to NSYNC’s hit, Bye Bye Bye, after seeing her two sons off on the bus for their first day back to school. 

Look out, Miley! There's a new mover in town. Her name's Moutafis, and her happy dance has made her something of a YouTube sensation. 

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