Twins Deliver Babies Minutes Apart

Double Whammy

Twins Deliver Babies Minutes Apart

Sweet Valley High. That old gum commercial. Twins have always been portrayed as having a sixth sense about their other, yet having grown up with 'identical' twin sisters for best friends, I know this is just a stereotype.
But Danielle and Nicole Fisher are making me rethink my previous assumptions. The 23-year-old twin sisters eerily fell pregnant at around the same time and, even more eerily, recently gave birth to their first child (sons) just 13 minutes apart in adjacent rooms at Virtua Hospital in Voorhees, New Jersey.
“I just think it’s the twin thing,” says Nicole, who was born just 12 minutes apart from her sister. “It just has something to do with that twin communication.”
Telepathy, more like. Biology is notoriously whimsical; such synchronicity defies belief.
Danielle was a week late delivering baby Jonathan, while Nicole gave birth two weeks early, to little Maximus.
Although the girls' family is still reeling from the surprise twist that wouldn't even be plausible on a daytime soap opera, the young moms are excited at the prospect of their boys being able to grow up and play together.

Having a sidekick throughout their pregnancy was also a plus for the twins, who actually had simultaneous morning sickness while driving together.

No doubt the creepy parallels will continue, as the twins live together in their parents' home. Consider those preconceptions confounded. I'm a believer.