This Version of Frozen's 'Let It Go' Is For The Moms

We're all freakin' fried

This Version of Frozen's 'Let It Go' Is For The Moms

Disney parody of Frozen

Another day, another gem of a Disney parody. This cover of "Let It Go," from the animated film Frozen, takes on modern motherhood. 

The video, by MyLifeSuckers (courtesy of Pop Sugar), sees Deva Dalporto sporting a superwoman cape and a single Marigold glove.

Dalporto's home truths about parenting in the early years will have you nodding and chuckling in recognition.

From saggy boobs and yoga pants to tantrums and visiting the bathroom in private, Dalporto has covered all the bases:

Don't let them in
Don't let them see
Take a moment to yourself
And pee

Just rush
Don't flush
Or else they'll know
Great—now they know

It's OK to let it go. We're all freakin' fried.

What is it about Let It Go that's spinning off so many amazing versions? Here's a bunch of super cool cover versions of Frozen tunes to make you go hmmmm.

Here are more parodies that caused us to giggle. Enjoy! 


This Four-Year-Old Fashionista Will Fascinate You

Mayhem and Her Mom Are Creating Celebrity Fashions—out of paper

This Four-Year-Old Fashionista Will Fascinate You

girl making oscar dresses out of paper

No one will be ogling red carpet fashions at the forthcoming Oscars quite like a 4-year-old girl named Mayhem. The pint-sized fashionista is giving celebrity kids, like Suri Cruise and North West, a run for their money with her celebrity dresses fashioned out of paper. 

According to an article in People, Mayhem and her mom start by googling celebrity gowns, which they then craft using only paper and tape. How's that for Macgyver?

“At this point she knows exactly how many sheets of construction paper she needs to make herself a top and a bottom,” says mom Angie. “She can lay the entire thing out and tape it together all by herself.”

Sometimes they get even more resourceful, using "aluminum foil, tissue paper, wrapping paper and gift bags."

I grew up being impressed by an aunt who sewed my Halloween costumes from K-Mart patterns. 

This mom and daughter team have pretty much reinvented that wheel. Their Instagram page and blog will blow your mind. 

Think Mayhem is worthy of a spot of her own on the red carpet!
Speaking of the Oscars . . . in case you missed it, here's a delightful sampling of this year's biggest films—as acted by kids.
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Husband Adorns Wife's Whiteboard With Penises [NSFW]

Don't be a D*ckhead

Husband Adorns Wife's Whiteboard With Penises [NSFW]

Penis drawing

Are you a doodler? What do you draw? In a move reminiscent of that Seth Rogen movie Super Bad, a guy responded to his wife's challenge by caricaturing a penis on her new whiteboard every day for a year. Holy hotdogs, Batman, that's a lot of genitalia!

Thanks to Elite Daily, you too can view the hairy montage from this talented and funny hubby. Just be sure Big Boss isn't looking over your shoulder—unless, of course, Big Boss has a healthy sense of humour. (Personally, coming home to a new penis drawing every day would do wonders for my stress levels.)

Ok, so penis drawings may be one very small notch above fart jokes, but for some reason these doodles go beyond the realm of adolescent dude. Why? Sheer ingenuity and diversity. This guy has it all covered, from the animal kingdom, fast food, and iconic album covers through to masterpieces and major landmarks. 

Pure fun or simply puerile? If you had to pick a favourite? 

If this made you giggle, you will love these phallic party favours. And for those of you still wondering whether size matters . . .