Model Kickstarts Topless Tour Of Canada

She who Dares To bare

Model Kickstarts Topless Tour Of Canada

serenity hart

Ladies, it's legal to go topless in Canada, yet few of us are comfortable or willing to do so. Serenity Hart wants to change that. The so-called 'nude model' is kickstarting a coast-to-coast tour of Canada in which she will bare her breasts in busy areas every day in order to spread awareness.

According to a release, inspired by fellow Canadian, Gwen Jacob, who was arrested for baring her breasts in public, Hart wants us to feel comfortable in our (naked) skin.

"I believe that woman all over the world should express themselves by taking their clothes off to demonstrate their beauty in its rawest form," says Hart. 

"I intend to demonstrate the strength behind the power of art and how it can unite women to support and empower each other to rise against discrimination and abuse towards women, not only abuse from men, but also self-inflicted mental abuse.” 
Hart's fundraising project launches on April 2 in advance of her photography and film tour from May 10 through July 26. She is aiming to raise $13,000 to cover food and accommodation costs.

For further details about Serenity Hart and her “Topless Tour," visit her blog and on Facebook.

What do you think of Hart's project? Would you dare to bare if there wasn't so much stigma around public toplessness?

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RECALL: Walmart My Sweet Baby Cuddle Care Doll

Burn hazard

RECALL: Walmart My Sweet Baby Cuddle Care Doll

walmart doll recall

Health Canada, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (US CPSC), Walmart Canada and Wal-Mart Stores Inc. in the U.S. have jointly recalled the above interactive doll with the following UPC/model number: 628915079777/30692735.

Walmart Canada received six reports of the doll's electrical parts overheating. Two of those incidents resulted in a burn hole through the doll's clothing.

In the United States, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. received 12 reports of incidents, two of which caused thumb burns or blisters.

Customers are advised to immediately remove the dolls from children and return the item to Walmart Canada for a full refund. For further information, customers can contact Walmart Canada at 1-888-778-8525. 

From July 2013 to January 2014, approximately 4,437 of the recalled dolls were sold in Canada, and from August 2012 to March 2014, approximately 174,000 were imported to the U.S.

Jimmy Kimmel Asks Kids, "Do You Know Any Naughty Words?"

If kids say the darndest things, they also swear in the darndest way

Jimmy Kimmel Asks Kids, "Do You Know Any Naughty Words?"

kids saying naughty words

If kids say the darndest things, they also swear in the darndest way. You may have caught a comical video of a boy listing all of the bad words he knows to a cheeky uncle (SPOILER: most had the prefix "butt"). 

Well, talk show host, Jimmy Kimmel, decided to go one further and take to the streets to ask kids about another kind of naughty listtheir meanest vocab.

Of course, the result , courtesy of Huffington Post, is the kind of perfect and spontaneous that only kids can pull off. 

Where one boy appears to struggle, 'fessing that he doesn't actually know any naughty words, he finishes off with bleeping finesse. Another trips up in his attempt to spell out his bad word. 

While most of the kids concur that "stupid" and "dumb" are, in fact, bad words (aren't they?), others simply relish the opportunity to say "poop" aloud. Needless to say, much giggling and silliness ensues.

Oh, s-i-t-h. What's not to like? 

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