Johnny Depp In a Dog Fight Down Under

Will he leave Australia with his Tail between his legs?

Johnny Depp In a Dog Fight Down Under

Johnny Depp's Dogs

Johnny Depp may be leaving Australia with his tail between his legs, after an attempt to smuggle in his two dogs left the country's Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce furious.

The 51 year-old actor was down under filming another installment of Pirates of the Caribbean when authorities discovered he'd brought his two Yorkies, Boo and Pistol, into the country on his private jet without declaring the terriers to customs.

Then things got even more complicated. Joyce gave Depp the following ultimatum: 

"Mr Depp has to either take his dogs back to California or we are going to have to euthanize them. He's now got about 50 hours left to remove the dogs. He can put them on the same charter jet he flew in on and fly back out of our nation."

Of course no one wants to see innocent dogs put down. But you can understand Joyce's frustration. 

Doesn't matter whether you're the pope or Edward Scissorhands - whether you arrive on coach or via Lear jet - you have no right to flout the land of the law. A hard reality this actress learned on a recent visit to the UK.

And in this case the law states that owners entering the country need permits and their dogs must be quarantined for a minimum of 10 days before they are allowed into the country, to prevent the spread of rabies. 

The move could cost Depp, whose pooches may yet wind up in limbo if they aren't allowed back in the United States. Of course his fans have rushed to his defence and launched a petition on to save the dogs! 

Surely the obvious answer is for Depp to remain in situ and send back his convoy to the US with the dogs (assuming they have the right paperwork).

You tell me: should Depp's dogs be granted clemency, or are laws designed for everyone?

EDITED: Depp has sent his dogs back to The United States and avoided the executioner.


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Kimmel Asks Kids: "Who Do You Love More... Mom or Dad?"

cheap laughs, kimmel-style

Kimmel Asks Kids: "Who Do You Love More... Mom or Dad?"


There are some questions you just don't ask kids - unless you're Jimmy Kimmel, that is. The late night comedian who drives kids into tantrums just for shits and giggles is at it again.

This time he put the question to little tots, some still young enough to be in their parents' arms: "Who Do You Love More... Mom or Dad?"

Not who's more fun to be around... But love
Parents are mature beings, of course we are. We know kids go through phases of preferring one parent to the other. We try to laugh off the honesty, no matter how brutal. We try to be thick-skinned about it, but the truth? Some parents can't handle the truth!

I know of parents who've genuinely nursed wounded feelings over such favouritism.

My own son is totally fickle, and his preference is largely determined by who he's been spending more time with on a given day. I know better than to take offence because he worships both my husband and me. 

The basis for Kimmel's sketch is a survey that claims three out of four grown ups would rather hang with mom than dad. (Note that was "hang out with," not love.) 

The sketch is supposed to be hilarious, but yet again Kimmel's shtick makes for rather charmless viewing:


Many kids didn't want to choose. Those who answered "both" were then pushed to imagine situations whereby one of the parents was hurt (crushed by a falling piano or consumed by ravenous zombies, you pick). Totally the stuff you want to say to a toddler who doesn't get The Joke and may assume that something bad will happen to mommy or daddy. 

Great. I'll get my laughs elsewhere, thanks.


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WATCH: Jem The Movie is Truly Outrageous

...but maybe for the Wrong Reasons

WATCH: Jem The Movie is Truly Outrageous


Nothing botches nostalgia quite like a remake of a childhood gem. In this case, the gem is Jem, the movie update of the hit animated series from the late '80s.

If the trailer is anything to go by, even casting Juliette Lewis and Molly Ringwald may not redeem the film in the eyes of past fan girls (and boys). 

In case you were hiding under a rock or just didn't dig girls with big Bangles-esque hair, then allow me to fill you in: the cartoon revolved around Jerrica Benton, a music exec who led a double life fronting a glam all-girl rock band and who negotiated a tricky love triangle with a guy called Rio. 

Distinctly absent from the movie are the nemesis band, The Misfits, and Jem's magical Hologram earrings, which enable her to switch identities between Jerrica and her alter-ego Jem in a pinch. In other words: the whole premise of the original show.

Instead, the new version focuses on fame in the age of Pop Idol. The cruel rise and fall of our young Biebers and Mileys. Yawn.

And even though many of us were a bit excitable at the prospect of reliving a childhood treasure through our own kids, the live action movie - at first glance, at least - looks set to disappoint.

The only outrageous thing about Jem the reprise is that it falls short of its potential. No cool Synergy effects. No bad ass chicks like Kimber, Roxy and Pizzazz commanding an original storyline. Or am I guilty of wearing pink-coloured glasses?

Have a peek for yourself:

Here are some things we DON'T miss from the '80s

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