RECALL: Bernat "Tizzy Yarn" by Spinrite Ltd.

Entrapment Hazard

RECALL: Bernat "Tizzy Yarn" by Spinrite Ltd.

Health Canada, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (US CPSC), and Spinrite Limited Partnership have jointly recalled the above yarn products, which once crocheted or knitted may unravel or snag and form a loop, posing an entrapment hazard to young children.

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The recall includes the following 11 colours and UPC codes (found beneath the barcode on the paper sleeve):

Colour Codes - Colour Name - UPC

  • 24005 Mashmallow White 057355350380
  • 24114 Playtime Denim 057355375970
  • 24128 Blue Skies 057355350397
  • 24230 Sweet Green Pea 057355350403
  • 24305 Pixie Purple 057355350410
  • 24412 Red Riding Hood 057355375987
  • 24421 Posey Pink 057355350427
  • 24611 Dandelion Yellow 057355350434
  • 24627 Playtime 057355366336
  • 24628 Creamsicle 057355350441
  • 24711 Day Dream 057355355521

Two incidents of children becoming entangled from unraveling or snagging blankets were reported to Spinrite—one in Canada and the other in the US. No injuries were sustained.

Customers are advised to stop using the yarn immediately and return the product to Bernat for a full refund.

For further information, customers may contact Bernat toll-free at 1-844-418-7973 from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern, or via Bernat's website.

From November, 2011 to February, 2015, approximately 220,000 of the yarn products were sold in Canada, and 620,000 in the US. The yarn was sold at Jo-Ann Stores, Michaels and other craft retail stores and online at



Ryan Reynolds Reveals Baby's Unusual Common Name

Trending in 2015-2016...?

Ryan Reynolds Reveals Baby's Unusual Common Name

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively had a daughter three months ago, but until recently the celebrity couple has remained private about their first child together. Reynolds has finally publicly revealed his daughter's name in an interview on the Today Show. 

"It's Butternut Summer Squash," said the 38-year-old Canadian actor—joking of course. "It's James. Everyone knows."

I readily admit I had to backtrack a few sentences to confirm that yes, Reynolds had a daughter and yes, her name is indeed James. Like the names of her parents, James is a unisex name, though not one typically given to girls. Although you can bet, now that the cat is out of the bag and the Reynolds' are doing it, James will top the list of trending girl names for 2015-16.
Unisex names are a funny bunch. While some are equally popular for both girls and boys, most decidedly favour one or the other. Like Ryan tends to be more common for boys, just as Blake is more prevalent in girls. I wonder whether a name that goes against the gender grain leads to increased confusion and bullying at school and beyond... 
Of course anything goes in Hollywood, where Butternut Summer Squash could very well been par for the course. How do such choices fare in the real world, when there are little Apples and Moses running around?
You tell me: What do you think of James as a girl's name? Confusing or destined to catch on?
Image Source: WikiCommons

Girl Takes Love of "Stuffed Animals" to Whole New Level

Could you support your child's macabre or unusual hobby?

Girl Takes Love of "Stuffed Animals" to Whole New Level


This 12 year-old girl has an unusually creative—and some would even say, macabre—hobby. She loves to work with miniatures, recreating scenes from series and movies like Grease and The Walking Dead. So far, so...pretty conventional. There's one crucial factor that distinguishes her play from the run-of-the-mill dollhouse variety. She uses dead mice and rodents like squirrels as her characters.

Yes, Mackenzie McCarty is a young taxidermist. The grade six student from Philadelphia sources her rodents from the side of the road, or buys them frozen from pet stores. She never kills for thrills.

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“They’re kind of like pets, but they’re dead,” said Mackenzie, who took a taxidermy course when she was nine, and has been hooked ever since.

She apparently works on her 'sets' two or three evenings a week, creating furniture and clothing for her actors. She has been known to gift the montages to her teachers.

McCarty uses a "little brain scooper" to empty out the rodents, which she then stuffs with cotton wool. No surprise her friends aren't lining up to join her in her "gross" hobby. She's serious and clearly passionate about her activity, and hopes to turn it into a career one day. Her ultimate ambition would be to stuff a giraffe.

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I'm a fan of toys like GoldieBlox, and a big supporter of so-called 'girl power,' yet even I'm struggling to get over my own squeamish instincts about taxidermy as a childhood hobby.

You tell me: Would you encourage your child to pursue an interest or passion, even if it majorly creeped you out?