Anonymous Sperm Donor Turned Soul Mate

Romance in reverse

Anonymous Sperm Donor Turned Soul Mate

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No wonder Working Title (the film company behind Bridget Jones and Love, Actually) has gobbled up this amazing love story as a potential project- it has all the makings of the perfect romcom and modern-day fairy tale: Single woman has baby via sperm donor, then tracks him down, introduces their daughter, and the pair fall in love the old fashioned way— except in reverse, as it were.

As far as scripts go, it's improbable and cringe-worthy, and yet that's exactly what happened to Australian Aminah Hart, who lost two baby boys to a rare genetic disorder. Following much deliberation - at 42 and single - Hart embarked on another pregnancy using a sperm donor in order to mitigate the hereditary risk. On paper, donor Scott Andersen fit the bill: easygoing, hard-working, and healthy as an ox.

After blonde-haired, blue-eyed daughter Leila was born, curiosity compelled Hart to track down the stranger that was her father. At the time she hadn't even seen a photo of the donor and had only received vital stats that amounted to what Hart says was "less than a LinkedIn page."

The two finally met, and soon began spending increasingly more time together.

"My head wasn't even in that space, I was sort of seeing someone at that time… it was all about Leila so the main thing for me was hoping we could create a good rapport," said Hart of their initial meetings. 
"[Eventually] I thought, 'Oh he's actually quite gorgeous,' said Hart. "I was confused about it and I remember saying to a girlfriend, 'I think I've got a bit of a crush on Leila's dad."

One thing led to another, and a Christmas spent together sealed the deal and the couple fell in love. Hart reassured Andersen that she would not jeopardize his relationship with Leila, even though he had no legal rights over her.

Ten months on, the pair is engaged. Instead of a happy ending, Hart calls their relationship a happy beginning. 
You tell me: What's the most unlikely romance you've ever come across?

Mom Charged For Excessive Drinking During Pregnancy

A "Crime of Violence"?

Mom Charged For Excessive Drinking During Pregnancy

woman charged with drinking while pregnant

Drinking during pregnancy is one of those minefield topics that never fails to get parents fired up. How much alcohol (if any) should a mom-to-be drink while pregnant? In an extreme case in England, a mom who drank excessively during her pregnancy has been charged retrospectively for committing a “crime of violence.”

"Excessive" is of course open to interpretation and debate. In this case, the woman downed half a bottle of vodka and eight—eight!—cans of beer a day. That's equivalent to between 40-57 units. So I think it's safe to say "excessive" is justified in this case. But this woman isn't some wildcard. A shocking number of moms-to-be do drink too much.

Not surprisingly the baby, now seven, was born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) as a direct result of her mother's actions. And in case you didn't know, FAS can cause a multitude of abnormalities, from restricted growth, facial deformities, to learning and behavioural disorders.

Under the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme, council lawyers are suing the woman for consciously endangering her baby. If the mom is convicted, the case could set a precedent for effectively criminalizing pregnant women who drink to excess.

Of course, the devil always has an advocate. In court, the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) spokesperson compared excessive drinking to the pregnant woman who eats "unpasteurized cheese or a soft boiled egg," which is just about the silliest counterargument I've ever heard.

The difficulty with any kind of grey area legislation is where to draw the line. And the jury's still out over the hard facts when it comes to how much alcohol is truly safe to drink during pregnancy. 

Though this case was clearly over the top, how many units will be considered "excessive"? Will a woman's BMI be taken into account? Is this yet another example of the government trying to exercise control over women's bodies?

You tell me: Should excessive drinking while pregnant be criminalized?

Is this LCBO campaign poster offensive to moms?


Mom Designs Sweetest Dress Ever

4,000 Skittles, 200 Hours, 90 Tubes of glue

Mom Designs Sweetest Dress Ever

Dress made out of skittles

Still drowning in Halloween candy? You could do this with all those goodies or you always can, er, wear them. A beautician from England got a little candy creative, designing a completely utilitarian dress out of Skittles—4,000 of them.

Sarah Bryan took her inspiration from a themed contest with the theme "sweet like bea." The rest is colourful history.

“After hours of thinking of ideas while I sat and watched my daughter play in the garden with her multicolored balls, they looked like Skittles and it just came to me!” said the 26-year-old mom who spent nearly 200 hours and 90 tubes of glue painstakingly sticking the little candies onto the dress. Bryan took care not to repeat the colours.

“Often my eyes would go funny and I would see Skittles everywhere!,” said Bryan. But the result speaks for itself. The rainbow dress may be heavy, fashioned with three joined pieces, but it's fully functional. It's already been worn to various clubs and photo shoots.

And even though Bryan hopes to get the attention of famously outrageous fashionistas, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, her primary motive is auction the dress to raise money for cancer research. 

“She was the only one who didn't give up on me,” Bryan said of her late foster mom, who lost her battle with lymphoma.  “So a portion of money raised will go to [cancer research] and the rest to other charities.”

At least is mystery solved: no wonder my son didn't get any Skittles trick-or-treating this year! 

I love mad fashion, especially when it's for a good cause. And at least candy is fairly innocuous, unlike say, meat or fur. Fans of Perry and Gaga, how sweet would it be to see one of them buy and wear the Skittle dress? Go get out your social media savvy and make it happen.

Here, we thought this dress brought crafting to new levels of crazy.