Intimate Photograph of Dads Holding Newborn Goes Viral

a love that transcends shapes, sizes, sexual orientations, and race.

Intimate Photograph of Dads Holding Newborn Goes Viral

Call it the Pride baby. In the middle of the festival, BJ Barone and Frankie Nelson were captured having their first skin-to-skin contact with their son, Milo. The two Toronto teachers welcomed their newborn in an intimate shoot by photographer Lindsay Foster that has gone viral, with more than 40,000 likes on Facebook.

According to an article in the Toronto Star, Foster is friends with the gay couple's surrogate, and photographed the birth free of charge.

“They’re easy to fall in love with,” said Foster of the fathers, who were encouraged by the midwife to remove their shirts and provide 'kangaroo cuddles'—meant to soothe and slow the heart rate of the newborn.

The incredible photo captures the raw emotion of birth and the universal feeling of becoming a parent, a kind of love that transcends "shapes and sizes and sexual orientations and races.”

Feedback from the photos has been overwhelmingly positive and accepting.

"I’m just glad I got the picture in focus,” admitted Foster, who cried throughout the experience.


This fascinating study reveals how the brains of homosexual men change when they become fathers.




Cheerleader Defends 'Big Game' Hunting Photos

Roosevelt was a hunter too, right?

Cheerleader Defends 'Big Game' Hunting Photos

A 19-year-old Texan cheerleader has been the subject of an intense media debate, after posting cheerful photos of her next to hunted big game. 

According to an article in New York Daily News, Kendall Jones lashed out at her detractors, claiming she's both a conservationist and a proud hunter. 

Jones—who killed various game, including a lion, leopard, and rhino while on safari in Africa—defended her actions, citing former President Teddy Roosevelt as inspiration. 

"[Roosevelt] was a hunter too, right? He killed the same species that hunters now chase today under a mound of anti-hunting pressure," wrote Jones. "Yet, how can it be possible that someone can love the earth, and take from the Earth in the name of conservation? For some folks, they'll never understand."

More than 200,000 have signed a Facebook petition to CEO Mark Zuckerberg to remove Jones's page.

Jones insists that by hunting big game she is actually helping to preserve "the future of the different species."

Should pages/photos of slayed animals be purged from Facebook, or would that violate a user's freedom of speech?

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If you're getting a strange sense of deja vu right now, this is probably why.


Hot Convict Jeremy Meeks Lands Lucrative Modelling Contract

are there are not enough attractive, law-abiding men in the world?

Hot Convict Jeremy Meeks Lands Lucrative Modelling Contract

Well, ladies, you only have yourselves to blame. That fine-looking felon, otherwise known as Jeremy Meeks, has landed a modelling contract to the tune of $30,000 and an even more eye-popping porn offer—while holed up in prison.

Yes, according to an article in The Cut, there are not enough attractive, law-abiding men in the world, so we have to go and poach a criminal and plaster his mug in magazines.

It was really just a matter of time before someone snapped up Meeks after police posted his shot (see: baby blues, succulent lips) online and sent droves of otherwise mentally sound women into heat. Some sent the 30-year-old convict phone numbers and letters . . . others proposed marriage!

Agent Gina Rodriguez from Santa Monica's Blaze Modelz now represents Meeks, who has previously served nine years in jail. 

Ugh and ugh. 

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