Treggings: Say Hello to Your New Favourite Pants

Because the holidays are coming and stretchy waistbands are the best

Treggings: Say Hello to Your New Favourite Pants

Treggings: Your New Favourite Pants

There are no two ways about it: leggings are comfortable, easy to move in, and take 10 seconds to put on. Ask any mother and she’ll tell you that bending, squatting, lunging, and reaching are all part of the day-to-day which means comfortable, no-fuss clothes are key. But leggings are not pants… until now.

Ladies, I give you… Treggings.

Now, if you’re all WTF are treggings? Is she drunk? The answer is maybe, but treggings are leggings on something stronger than the wine I’m currently drinking. They’re trousers, but they’re leggings at the exact. same. time.

(I KNOW!) 

The beauty of treggings is that they look like your favourite skinny trousers - structured, with flattering seams - but they’ve got all the comfort (and concealed waistband) of your favourite leggings, which means you can fool everyone by pairing them with a blouse and great shoes and wear ‘em to work. You’re welcome. Plus, with pull-on, pull-off styling you can get in and out of them in a hurry (which is always a delightful bonus if you ask me). 

Of course, they’re not brand new - Rickis and Reitmans have been doing it for a while, but they’re now cropping up across everywhere (think H&M and Zara) which means those elastic-waist pants you used to call Nanny Pants just became your favourite pants. And forget about cotton, too: you can grab a pair in everything from faux-leather to suede or microtwill and denim. 

They're perfect for weekends, because they're comfortable as hell and you can throw on boots and pretend that you actually got dressed to run those errands and sit at the playground.  I love them with a long cardigan or cozy tunic, tall boots and a big travel mug full of something highly caffeinated for a Saturday morning play date. 

I own these babies in three colours - they're the example pair in the photos above - and I highly recommend grabbing a pair in every colour and print while you still can. I promise, you won't be sorry! And, if you already own a pair I'd love to know how you wear yours! Tell me in the comments below or tag me in your Instagram photos #TheFrenziedFashionista or @imashleymi

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