Beat Summer Frizz: The Only Hair Accessory You Need

Frizz-Free Styles for all occasions

Beat Summer Frizz: The Only Hair Accessory You Need

Beat Summer Frizz: The Only Hair Accessory You Need

Most of us love the heat of summer, but we don’t all love the havoc it wreaks on our otherwise smooth, silky hair. If you like to avoid heat styling tools in the summer months altogether, you may often find yourself looking for easy ways to fight the frizz without sacrificing style. 

Enter Goody Slideproof Headwraps: your summertime (or anytime) hair hero.

While these headwraps have long been my go-to for hair solutions when I’m running or hitting the beach, I hadn’t ventured into testing them out for other activities, like work or a date. Then one day I did and after receiving several compliments on how cute my hair looked, I decided it was time to start using them in my weekly hair repertoire.

The secure waves of silicone hold your headwrap in place - even on wet hair - and the different widths are great for different styles.

They are inexpensive and widely available at stores like Walmart or Loblaws and they come in lots of different shades, from neutrals to neons.

Here are four style suggestions for you to try this summer to beat the dreaded frizz we all want to avoid:

Situation #1: You’re going to work or dinner

A simple ponytail or bun can be easily dressed up with the addition of a Slideproof Headwrap. For a polished look, do the following:

  1. Start with tangle-free hair by brushing with your Goody Ouchless brush. There is a hidden cushion pad in the brush that won't snag your hair, and the little ball tips are designed not to fall off so your head won't be scratched!
  2. Slip your headwrap over your head and then secure.
  3. Smooth your hair into a mid- to low ponytail and secure with an elastic.
  4. Wrap the length of your pony into a bun or leave it down.
  5. Slip your headwrap into the desire spot if your hair is too short for a ponytail, or you’d just rather wear it down. If you want some extra volume, simply backcomb a bit at the roots behind the headwrap.

Pair either of these looks with a polished shift dress or pretty sundress and wedges for a look that’s desk and date approved.

Situation #2: You’re going to be late if you wash your hair

OOPS! So, you hit the snooze button too many times? NO FEAR. Let the natural grit of your hair work to your advantage (or do a quick dry shampoo!) and do the following:

  1. Grab a thick Slideproof Headwrap and pull it over your head.
  2. Flip that pretty noggin of yours upside down and gather your hair into a messy bun high on your head - but not right on top.
  3. Secure in place with a thick, Goody Ouchless elastic
  4. Pull your headwrap into place. Loosen a few pieces between your bun and your the headwrap for a "messy hair, don’t care” vibe.

This is a regular look for me for work or even going out for a drink with a friend! Pair it with casual pants and a cute top for work during the day, or distressed skinny jeans and a sexy tank for night.

Situation #3: You’re going to the beach/gym/hiking trail

Keep your hair in place in the sun, sea and sweat with a fun-coloured headwrap! In situations like this, I prefer to to skip the hairbrush and instead reach for the headwrap that will best match my bikini.

  1. Slip your headwrap into place.
  2. Braid your hair into a messy (or neat, your choice!) fishtail or French braid. If your hair is too short to braid, or you'd rather wear it down...have at it! (There are no beach waves like real beachwaves, after all.)

Rock this ‘do with your bathing suit or your running gear: it’s perfect for a day when you'll be contantly on the go.

Situation #4: You’re going to: grab groceries or coffee with a friend

One of my favourite, quick ways to get my hair off my face without resorting to a ponytail or bun is to let a headwrap be the hero. This two-minute style has a serious boho feel, making it a perfect topper for your breeziest maxi dresses or cut off shorts and a loose tank. Note: this look works best on "dirty" hair.

  1. Slide your headwrap OVER your hair, grab the length, and roll it up to pin it beneath the headwrap.
  2. Secure any loose pieces with Goody ColourCollection Bobby Pins or spritz with hairspray.
  3. Twist sections of your hair around the headwrap to create an intricate, braided look.

Whatever your style or occasion, you're sure to find a Slideproof Headwrap - and an easy style - that works for you!


Using Dry Shampoo: The Must-Do on This Must-Have

Because there's no such thing as 17th Century Courtier Chic

Using Dry Shampoo: The Must-Do on This Must-Have

how to use dry shampoo
I vividly remember the first time I attempted to use dry shampoo. No one told me it’s not as simple as spray and go, and so that was precisely what I did. Lucky for me, I have light-ish hair. Unlucky for me, at that time my hair was dyed a dark, dark brown. 
I don’t think I need to tell you that it wasn’t a good look.
Fortunately for all of us, dry shampoo comes in a variety of shades and different formulas so brunettes don’t find themselves with a white powdery substance in their hairline and blondes aren’t using baby powder (just don’t, ladies, unless it’s an absolute hair-emergency) because they want a powder instead of an aerosol. 
Dry shampoos are a great way to extend your blowout, cover up the fact that you hit the gym at lunch, add a little oomph to fine or limp hair and, most importantly, save face when you slept in. My favourite brand is Batiste, closely followed by Cake, but there are loads of great brands out there. You'll need to find the one that works best for you.
My go-to style extending trick is to use dry shampoo BEFORE bed. After brushing out any tangles, I spray in my dry shampoo and flip my head upside down, twist my hair into a loose top knot and secure using BOBBY PINS. In the morning, I unpin and shake it out for volume. If I really need it, I’ll slide a *warm* flat iron over the length of my hair to undo any weird kinks. It’s my favourite pre-bed trick for a day I’ve done/faked a blow out. 
For days when my hair is flatter than my high school sex ed teacher's personality, I enlist my dry shampoo to help give me a little root boost. My Batiste XXL Volume is perfect for this, but I will admit that it’s easy to overdo and end up with an unmanageable mess. Instead, I tend to sprinkle a little bit of my dry shampoo powder at the crown before I do my makeup, and then gently rub it into my roots with my fingertips once it’s had time to settle. 
If I’m wanting to wear my hair up, I apply dry shampoo to my roots as well as spritzing my hands and running my fingers through the length to add some grit. Lastly, I’ll spray my bobby pins so they have extra staying power. (If you don’t have a sprayable dry shampoo, you can use hairspray on bobby pins for the same effect.)
When I sleep late and don’t have time to wash my hair AND feed my child, I reach for my dry shampoo and spritz into my hair before I embark on any other tasks. The key to a good dry shampoo use is to give it time to work, even if you have to walk around with white roots for a little while.
How to use dry shampoo on those days where you simply don't have time to wash and blow dry your hair.
BONUS: If your blonde highlights are growing out, a little powder-y dry shampoo can lighten slightly, so don’t rub it in all the way!
NOT BONUS: If you have dark hair, this backfires horribly. 
I wish that I could tell you what the best dry shampoo is, but if there's one thing I know it's that different products work for different people. For me, Batiste is the best for a spray and Sugar takes the cake for a powder - and I've tried a lot of dry shampoo over the years. You can buy dry shampoos specifically designed for dark hair if you're a brunette, and shops like Sephora often have samples you can test so don't be afraid to try before you buy. I scored a Klorane sample in a recent ipsy bag and I quite like it, too, and keep it in my gigantic purse *just in case*. And the best thing about dry shampoos? You are guaranteed to find one at EVERY price point.
How to use dry shampoo on those days where you simply don't have time to wash and blow dry your hair.
  1. Express Dry Shampoo - Sephora: $11.50 
  2. Tropical Dry Shampoo - Batiste: $8.57 at Walmart ($5.99 at Winners!) 
  3. Satin Sugar Powder for darker hues - Cake: $22.50 online
  4. Cleanse Extend Dry Shampoo - Alterna: $25.50 at Sephora
  5. Naked Dry Shampoo - Herbal Essences: $3.98 at Walmart 

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5 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Kid's Sunglasses

UV Protection for Eyes is just As Important as Sunscreen For Skin

5 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Kid's Sunglasses

5 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Kid's Sunglasses

We all know the dangers of soaking up a little too much sun: sunburns, premature aging, and most frighteningly, skin cancer. Most parents I know, myself included, reach for sunny-day basics like hats, sunscreen, and lightweight clothes to help cover our children’s skin from UV rays but we often forget one really important thing: our children’s eyes.

Just like the painful sunburns we experience on our skin, UV light can cause temporary pain and discomfort when too much has been absorbed by the eyes. And, just like those sunburns on our skin, the absorption of UV light - which is cumulative - can cause serious and lasting eye damage, including diseases like cataracts, macular degeneration, and even melanomas. Yikes! And a sunburn on your cornea is exactly as fun as it sounds and feels rather like having sandpaper in your eye. Not fun...or safe.

Our little one’s eyes are more vulnerable to UV damage because the crystalline lens in children’s eyes is actually less capable of filtering UV rays than an adult’s eyes, and since most kids spend more time outdoors than adults our little ones receive about three times more UV ray dosage than we do each year. The World Health Organization estimates that 50% of lifetime UV exposure happens by age 18. 

The good news is that we can protect our children’s eyes in much the same way we protect their skin! 

Whether your child is big or small, wearing sunglasses with 100% UV protection is crucial to overall eye health. And with practice, wearing sunglasses will become second-nature.

Now, before you rush to the store and grab the first pair of adorable kiddo shades you see, be sure to consider these five things:

1. Not all sunglasses are created equally

Whether a prescription lens or not, sunglasses should be 100% UV blocking - meaning they block both UVA and UVB rays - and are close-fitting with a wraparound style to help keep light out. Don’t let a dark lens fool you either - the intensity of the shade does not equal better protection. Look for the 100% UV Blocking sticker on the lens or tag.

2. You don't have to go far to buy a good pair

There's no need to visit store after store to find the right sunglasses. You can find great 100% UV-blocking sunglasses in an assortment of styles at most Doctor of Optometry offices. They can also make specific recommendations to ensure your eyes are well-protected and fit you for your perfect pair. Talk about convenience!

3. Buy a pair that can stand being handled by a child

Kids are far more likely to fall or run into something than the average adult (playground tumbles, am I right?), so finding a tough polycarbonate lens is important to avoid accidental damage from a broken lens. Polycarbonate lenses are up to 10 times more impact-resistant than standard plastic lenses, not to mention lighter than glass or standard plastic lenses, meaning our littles will be more comfortable. Further: look for “unbreakable” or flexible frames.

Spring Hinges that extend beyond 90 degrees help to keep the fit of the frame snug, decreasing the likelihood that your child’s sunglasses fall off or get damaged while playing. For even better staying power, consider an elastic band (or sport strap) - especially helpful for the really little ones.

4. Talk with your Doctor of Optometry about corrective sunglasses

If your child wears corrective lenses, your Doctor of Optometry will be able to prescribe and guide you when purchasing prescription sunglasses or clip-ons. If you have a teen who wears corrective contact lenses, be sure to ask about UV-blocking contact lenses to further protect their eyes.

5. Sunglasses aren’t just for summer

Sure, we’re all hyper-aware of UV rays when we’re baring it all on the beach, but the reality is that MORE UV rays enter our eyes during the winter, since snow reflects up to 95% of sunlight. Make sure you’re vigilant about sunglasses (and sunscreen) year-round - even on less than super sunny days.

All kids (and adults) should wear sunglasses with 100% UV protection in addition to hats, lightweight clothing and sunscreen. Further, if you can avoid being in direct sunlight during peak hours (between 10 am and 4 pm) that’s even better.

My son loves to wear his hat, but getting him onto the sunglasses train was a lot harder. By letting him pick out Mom (and DOO) approved, 100% UV-blocking sunglasses that he thinks are cool, I’ve made sunglasses feel less like a chore and more like an extension of his superhero, super-cool style. 

Your Doctor of Optometry can make specific recommendations for you, and your child, to ensure that you’re protecting your peepers with well-fitting sunglasses and the appropriate prescription (if needed). In addition, a comprehensive eye exam can identify early onset of eye-health conditions related to UV exposure that may not have any apparent symptoms. 

Now stop reading, “shade" up, and get outside! 

Did you know 75% of vision loss is preventable? It’s time to open your eyes to maintaining healthy vision.

Take a few minutes to scan these articles that will teach you everything you need to know about eye health.