5 Signs You May be a Scarfaholic

(As If You Could Ever Have Too Many Scarves!)

5 Signs You May be a Scarfaholic

YMC Scarf Obsession

Scarfaholism is best defined as a dependency on or addiction to scarves, and I am definitely living with this condition. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I don’t leave the house without a scarf during the winter, but throughout the spring and fall you can almost always find me with a scarf draped around my neck. I even have “summery” scarves, for days when the weather is a little cooler (or for when I want to jazz up my outfit).

This Boob Scarf Makes An Important Statement

It’s important to note that there is a difference between liking scarves and being a scarfaholic, and I’ve made this handy guide for you to determine where you fall on the addiction spectrum. If you are a scarfaholic, it’s OK – scarves are awesome, and as long as you don’t accidentally strangle yourself with one, scarfaholism is non-life-threatening. I think.

5 Signs You May be a Scarfoholic


You own more scarves than there are days in the average month.

Pashminas, infinity, chunky, sheer, blanket, bandana… I mean, there are so many wonderful scarf options, and so many wonderful ways to wear them!

Your scarf collection has its own closet.

OK, so my scarves don’t have their own closet per se… they just happen to take up a big chunk of one of my closets, alongside my shoes and some unworn and unloved lingerie.

You own multiple scarves in the same colour.

For me, it’s the cream-coloured scarves. I have a Pashmina, a sparkly cream infinity scarf, a non-sparkly one, and then three cream-coloured scarves with a pattern (all different, obviously). And then, I learned how to arm knit scarves and the next thing I know I also have three arm knit infinity scarves. Ahem.

How To Look Cool While Staying Warm: Dressing Fashionably For The Cold Weather

You base outfits around your scarves.

After Christmas, I scored a beautiful plaid blanket scarf after lusting after them for quite some time. I just kept not finding the right one, y’know? Unfortunately for the rest of my closet, I have been creating outfits around that scarf ever since. I even skipped my favourite plaid pants last week because there was no way I could make the two work together. (Sob.)

You laugh at those scarf flower hangers because you would need 11.

I got one of those scarf flower hangers for Christmas. It was a lovely gift, and the sentiment was absolutely there. Unfortunately for that poor flower, it now has 2 and 3 scarves shoved through each of the holes. Of which there were 12. And – sorry mom – most of them will probably end up draped over the closet rod anyway.

If you’re not already a scarfaholic, I am an enabler and will happily share these 5 gorgeous scarves with you! Stay tuned for Zeba’s post on how to style them.

  1. Plaid Blanket Scarf – Etsy, $65.11
  2. Fuzzy Woven Oblong Scarf – Forever 21, $15.90
  3. Faux-Fur Scarf  - Chapter’s Indigo, $17.00
  4. Érable Scarf – Aritizia,  $29.99 (ON SALE from $68)
  5. Katrina Scarf – Banana Republic, $85.00

Jerk of the Hygiene World: Busting Ingrown Hairs

3 Easy Remedies For Those Pesky, Painful Bumps

Jerk of the Hygiene World: Busting Ingrown Hairs

When I was in university, I first lived in an all-girl’s dormitory, and then moved in with female friends. Prior to moving out of Mom and Dad’s house, I was pretty unaware of the multitude of weird (and icky) beauty practices and blunders that women deal with. One of the "ickier" things I experienced my girlfriends dealing with was ingrown hairs. Call it a blessing, but it’s something I’ve only dealt with once or twice in my life but I’ve watched - and disgustingly, I have helped -  girlfriends tweeze, pick and otherwise suffer over an ingrown hair. 


When Is The Right Time To Start Shaving?

An ingrown hair occurs when a hair has curled or “grown back” into the skin. They are generally irritating and can (from the words of a friend) hurt like "a son of a bitch." So I can understand why gals (and guys) would try to remedy the problem by getting that sucker out of their skin. Ingrown hairs aren’t the same as razor bumps, by the way, but they both suck and can pop up together or separately.

Aside from being irritating and painful, ingrown hairs can also be quite serious if they become infected (and then they're even less pretty). Since I don't want you to get an ingrown hair or razor bumps, I would recommend taking these steps to avoid them:

  • Exfoliate your skin before and after shaving.
  • Wet the hair you are shaving with warm water.
  • Use a lubricating shave gel.
  • Put away the dull razor, please.
  • Rinse your blade after every stroke.
  • Shave in the direction of hair growth (this won’t result in as smooth a shave).
  • Make shaving the last thing you do in the shower (or tub) to soften hair.

Unfortunately, even if you take all kinds of preventative measures there is no guarantee that you won’t end up with an ingrown hair. While it can be tempting to pick at the ingrown hair and try to pull it out, you open yourself up to scarring and infection. Instead, try one of these gentle, DIY remedies to treat your next pesky ingrown hair.

Honey and Aspirin Treatment


Honey is naturally hydrating, with antiseptic and antibacterial properties while aspirin actually contains salicylic acid (which is exfoliating). Together, the two will help ward off infection and reduce swelling.

Tea Tree Oil Soak


A tea tree oil soak will help open up your pores, loosening your ingrown hair and helping to reduce inflammation. How? Tea tree oil is filled with antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, which is why it’s so popular in acne products.

Coconut Oil Scrub

How To Make Your Own Organic Coconut Body Butter

One of my health, food and beauty staples happens to be coconut oil! Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, coconut oil also happens to be super hydrating. When combined with sugars, this scrub will gently exfoliate and help you prevent future ingrown hairs while treating the one you have.

A cool compress immediately after shaving can also help you prevent ingrown hairs, while a nice warm compress - even without tea tree oil - will help you open your pores and loosen an existing ingrown hair. Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes immediately after shaving or waxing and let the skin breathe. 

If you suffer from ingrown hairs, and have a great DIY treatment to share, please leave it in the comments below! 


Keep Your Cash (and Style Sense) with Theft Busting Wallet

When Style And Technology Meet, Awesome Things Happen

Keep Your Cash (and Style Sense) with Theft Busting Wallet

Articulate Clutch YMC

If there are two things I can’t live without (aside from my family and coffee), they are easily style and technology. I’m lucky enough to be able to marry two of my loves – style, and (you guessed it!) technology – by writing this here blog and working for an HR tech company. I often come across neat products in my line of work, and this pretty clutch was one such find. And now, thanks to Articulate, I can marry the two again… and protect myself from credit card theft and fraud. Intrigued? I sure was!

This Mom's Credit Card Information Was Stolen Wirelessly and She Had No Idea

The (super stylish) Articulate Clutch is now available for pre-order, boasting an elegant, minimalist design, awesome functionality, interchangeability and RFID blocking. And, if you’re all WTF is RFID? the good news is I can break that down for you.

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification – the nifty technology that allows you to simply wave your credit or debit card to complete your purchases, instead of the old swipe and sign or swipe and enter pin actions of yesteryear. We all know that with every great technological advance comes new opportunities for criminals to ruin what should be an awesome thing. Frighteningly, criminals with even minimal technical skills have created devices that mimic the action of the grocery store’s credit card scanner… and they can steal your card information just by standing next to you.

Articulate has embedded a special material into the design of their beautiful clutches that blocks the signal that our new credit and debit cards send off. This material helps you protect yourself from the theft, without sacrificing the look, functionality or the affordability of the product. In short: GENIUS. Unsurprisingly, I'm not the only person who thinks so: their Kickstarter campaign raised over $60,000 - six times its $10,000 goal!

The Style Essential Everyone Should Wear On A Daily Basis

Each clutch can be used as a wallet or wristlet or you can clip on a chain strap or the adjustable half leather, half chain strap – something for every occasion – and you can snag one of these amazing clutches for only $38, choosing from aqua, yellow, red, blue, black or beige. Better yet? You can also grab one for the Dapper Daddy (or other awesome Dude in your life) since Articulate first used their RFID-blocking technology in men’s wallets.

The Articulate Clutch also boasts vertical card slots to help you remove your cards with ease, a bill fold designed to fit all currency and an independent section which fits almost all smartphones. It’s a streamlined clutch with all the functionality you need and exactly none of the bulk. You best believe I’m ordering one.

What do you think of the way tech and style are blending together?