Tips To Help Your Child See And Be Seen This Halloween

Don't Let Vision Be A Nightmare This Spooky Season

Tips To Help Your Child See And Be Seen This Halloween

Tips To Help Your Child See And Be Seen This Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and now that my own little goblin is becoming more aware of the fun involved (read: FREE CANDY), I’ve become more aware of how dangerous trick-or-treating can be if the proper precautions are not taken.

Did you know that one in four school-aged children is living with a vision problem? If you have a child with vision problems trick-or-treating on dark streets, it need not be a nightmare this year if you follow these tips.

1. Take Precautions If Your Child Wears Glasses

As a kid, I often had a hard time finding masks that would fit over my glasses so I regularly went without my lenses. Eventually, I worked spectacles into my costumes or wore my prescribed contact lenses. If your little ghoul wears glasses, ensure his or her Halloween mask fits comfortably and the eye holes are appropriately placed and large enough to see through.

Consider picking up a handy sports strap to keep those glasses in place, and remind your little one to look over his or her shoulder before turning corners or crossing the road – especially if the mask is hooded.

2. Keep Your Kids’ Eyes And Skin Safe

When it comes to face paints, be sure to read the label. As a rule, I don’t put anything near my son's eyes for fear of irritation, and Doctors of Optometry recommend to keep makeup away from the eyes and eyelids. Err on the side of caution and keep all face paints and costume makeup away from the eyes.

If you do choose to use makeup, read labels and avoid gross ingredients like heavy metals by choosing non-toxic, safe Halloween makeup products or consider making your own

Use a makeup remover to gently remove face paints and costume makeup from your wee one's face, taking extra care near the eye area. You can also make your own makeup remover.

If your little ghoul wears glasses but doesn’t want to wear a mask, see if he or she would like to create a costume that includes glasses.

3. Avoid Cosmetic Contacts

If your child is a bit older—think tweens or teens—and they think costume or special effect contact lenses would make their costume extra scary, they’re right: scratched corneas and damaging your vision is terrifying. Never, ever put a contact lens or any other article into your eye without consulting your Doctor of Optometry. A Doctor of Optometry can prescribe safe, appropriate contact lenses for your family member’s needs.

Watch this video for more info about cosmetic contact lenses:

4. Ensure Your Child Is Visible to Others

Small, simple reflective strips can help motorists spot your child during the trick-or-treating hours. Glow stick bracelets and necklaces, or flashing key chains can make for fun additions to whacky costumes! Remind your children to stay in well-lit areas and encourage them to carry flashlights, just in case.

Happy Halloween!

Did you know your child could have problems seeing things clearly and not even know it? Don’t make the mistake of thinking you’ll know if your child has a vision problem.

Visit Doctors of Optometry to find a Doctor of Optometry near you.


The 7 Easiest Ways To Style Simple Jeans And A Tee

Old Faithful *Can* Be Fashion-Forward

The 7 Easiest Ways To Style Simple Jeans And A Tee

Take one look at any photo of Jennifer Aniston running errands and you'll see jeans and tee-shirt perfection.

Seriously: The quintessential girl next door look can be absolutely gorgeous when done right, but it can also look as frumpy as all get out and that just won't do. Jen (because we're friends and I feel I can call her Jen) nails it in the above photo with a perfectly fitted, simple white tee and relaxed fit jeans. Casual? Yes. But not frumpy.

I’m struggling to feel totally dressed in jeans and a tee after two-plus years of dressing for corporate environments, but I think I’ll adjust just fine. My new office is super laid-back and really creative, so I’ve been passing over my dress pants and blazers for looks like the ones below.

Pro Tip:

If you're a die-hard jeans and tee kinda gal, remember this: fit is your best friend. Also: invest in a great tee shirt bra. This is a purchase you will never, ever regret.

Aside from ensuring that your clothes fit (which is always, always, always key), there are oodles of easy peasy ways to dress up an otherwise run of the mill look. Since my big career move, I now work in an office where I can rock jeans and a tee every day should I choose. With that in mind, I give you the 7 easiest ways to dress up your jeans and tee:

The Topped Up Varieties

1. Throw a blazer over your tee (bonus points if it's a graphic tee you're wearing!) and slip on classy flats or heels for a look that's perfect for work.

2. Take a cue from the ever-stylish Erica Ehm and top your jeans and tee with a great moto jacket and slip your feet into some badass boots. Now take on the world. See also: moto vest.

3. Channel your inner Aubrey and go classic ladylike with a well-fitting trench coat, simple flats and your best dark skinnies. 

4. No time? No problem. Reach for a colourful or printed scarf, drape it around your neck and go. Seriously – scarves go with EVERYTHING. Plus, they keep you warm when it’s cold outside.

5. Have more than 11 seconds? Lucky you! Why don't you stack some bangles on your wrist, and wear some great earrings too - with or without the scarf. Lovely.

6. Belts — they're not just for wearing on top of dresses! Pull a great belt through the loops on those jeans, keep your pants in place and tuck in your tee! I like printed belts lately (leopard is my favourite!).

7. Minimalistic isn't a bad thing. If it's too warm to wear a scarf (I want to go to there), grab a single or multi-strand, long necklace and wear it over your tee. Slip on your shoes, grab your bag and go — unless you're Jeni's daughter.

Need some new jeans? These babies are my favourites! Plus, a new group of far-fitter than I people founded a company that makes jeans for bigger thighs — and they look pretty awesome. 

Photo: Jennifer Aniston -- Famepictures, Inc.


The Style Essential You Must Wear Daily

And No, It's Not Clean Underwear!

The Style Essential You Must Wear Daily

Exactly one week ago, I woke up in Mississauga, ON to my first day of BlissDom Canada.

When I first began writing in September 2012, I heard some of the fabulous ladies I now call colleagues talking about their plans for the conference and I immediately knew I wanted to go. I was determined.I wasn’t able to go last year due to personal reasons, and I sadly sold my Early Bird ticket about a month before go-time. There was no way I’d miss this year.

It was, unsurprisingly, a fantastic experience and I was able to confirm that the YMC team is real (and way more awesome in person). As Alex mentioned, we all received fun awards from Erica and I received an award for Most Enthusiastic. If you’ve ever been in a room with me, you’ll know why.


But then, it’s really easy to be enthusiastic when you’re doing something you love… and if you actually know me, you’ll know that not so long ago, I wasn’t very enthusiastic.

I’m super lucky that I get to marry my passion for writing with my love of style, as well as my love for building relationships to give me a super-cool day job, and a fabulous side gig. These are things I didn’t think I could have. I struggled with crippling anxiety and depression that cost me my job and a lot of time I’ll never get back.

You might be all “What’s the fashion blogger doing talking about feelings?” right now, so I promise I’m getting to my point. Enthusiasm? That’s a great thing. And I adopted a rule not so very long ago that involves my overflowing closet and my over-the-top, happy-legs-dance excitement: If I don’t love an article of clothing, I don’t wear it. It has no right to be on my body.

Now, it’s not always possible if you’re working a job that involves a uniform, but it is possible to find pieces or create a style that showcase your awesomeness and make you feel good — from a great pair of jeans to your favourite little black dress, stay true to what makes you feel great and honour your tastes. Have fun with it. This should apply to every single thing in your life.

And remember: You’re never fully dressed without a smile.

*happy legs dance*

Let's get back to fashion now, shall we? I promise my next post will be more fashion and less feels, but in the meantime you may enjoy my seasonless nail colour choices or check out my boot picks for every pocketbook