Seasonless Style: 7 Nail Colours For Every Skin Tone

Get Gorgeous Nails, All Year Round!

Seasonless Style: 7 Nail Colours For Every Skin Tone

7 Best Shades of Nail Polish

It’s neither a secret nor a surprise that I love me some nail polish. More often than not, my fingernails are lacquered in shiny, red gel polish (I even own my own LED light gel-nail system). In my gigantic box of nail polishes, I have four bottles of regular, red nail polish. FOUR. That’s not including red variations like wine or burgundy. Or the ones that are sparkly.

The Ultimate At-Home Manicure


To say I own a lot of nail polish is an understatement – and I’ll admit, my collection is a bit foolish. Especially since I really only use a handful of my nail colours regularly – and some don’t get love at all. From season to season, the nail polish shades vary from pastels and brights during the spring and summer to rich, vampy tones during the fall and winter.  If you find yourself picking up bright pinks and oranges in July, only to be replacing the barely-used bottles with new, deep shades for fall, you may feel like you’re wasting your time and your money. I know I sometimes do – and I can justify a new bottle of nail polish all day long.

The good news is there are a few nail colours that are practically seasonless – great shades that work all year round, and on most skin tones. Quit trying to keep up with the Jones’ manicure picks and reach for one of these shades next time. You won’t be sorry.

Are You Wearing Your Colours?

Classic Red

Truly a classic, red polish is ladylike and absolutely seasonless. It’s festive during the winter holidays, and fresh and fun in the summer. My current favourite? Red Hot Rio by OPI. I just had it put on my toes during my pre-BlissDom Canada pedicure!

Red Hot Rio – OPI Chatters Salons : $10.50


Who doesn’t love a good neutral? Depending on your skin tone and your personal preference, choose a darker or lighter colour. Don’t Sweater It by Essie Canada is a favourite go-to of mine – and a great choice for fall after all those pale nudes I rocked this summer.

Don't Sweater It – Essie Canada Shopper’s Drug Mart : $11.99

Light Pink

Another ladylike choice, light pink is fresh and pretty all year round. Pair your light pink manicure with a bright red or deep navy pedicure for a fun contrast.

Mayfair Lane –nailsinc NailKale Sephora : $17.00

Bright Pink

The epitome of summertime can still be worn during the cooler months. Bright pinks are a fun way to wake up pale winter skin and inject some colour into dark days.

No Need For A Bikini – Colour Hit Sephora : $6.50


Black is harsh against most skin tones – soften up a dark manicure with a rich navy for an edgy summer manicure, or let it be your go-to during the cooler months. Your choice! This is a shade you’ll wear over and over.

Centigrade – Formula X Nail Polish  Sephora : $13.00


Forget Liquid Paper on your nails (don’t act like you never painted your nails with White-Out during a math class)! White nails are fresh and beautiful in the summer, but they have a fantastic snow bunny vibe when the weather turns cold. I like white best on my toes, but a white manicure done right is a beautiful thing.

Cotton Buds – butter London Sephora : $17.50


Not feeling white or black? Try dabbling in the middle ground and swipe a gorgeous gray on your nails for a classy manicure. Look for smoky tones with hints of purple if you want a more feminine gray, or try a metallic-y gray on for size.

Evelyn – Marc Jacob’s Sephora : $22.00

Be sure to check out Zeba's ultimate at-home manicure post and the no-fuss manicure post by the amazing Dan Thomson. Now get painting!


Stylish Fall Boots For Every Budget

Your Fall Fashion Staple Awaits

Stylish Fall Boots For Every Budget

Anyone who knows me knows that I really love summer but when it comes to fashion, no season can rival my love for fall: cozy sweaters, rich colours, and — most importantly — the return of the boot. I’m still holding onto my flats and bare legs, but I’ve been eyeballing boots for a few weeks now. The right pair of boots can take you from Monday in the office to cocktails on Friday night and everywhere else you need to go.

My favourite boots are tall and narrow, great for pairing with leggings and sweater dresses or skinny pants and gigantic scarves. Throw boot socks into the mix and you have the perfect fall outfit. I like to pair my ankle boots with cuffed jeans (boyfriend or straight, relaxed), slouchy tees and scarves.

(Scarves go well with EVERYTHING, more on that soon.)

Regardless of your personal style, boot preference or budget there is a boot (or, actually, two!) for you.


  1. 25 Stone Covered Wedge Bootie, Walmart, $19
  2. Strappy Ankle Boots, Old Navy, $36
  3. Borovsky, Call It Spring, $39.99
  4. Vallorc, Aldo, $79.99
  5. Suede Desert Wedge High, Toms, $110




Tall Boots

  1. Faux Leather Knee-High Boots, Forever 21, $47.80
  2. Rave Knee-High Boot, Call It Spring, $89.99
  3. Darcia Tall Boot, Aldo, $110
  4. Gemma Over The Knee Boot, Victoria’s Secret, $140
  5. Zalamea, Michael Kors (Little Burgundy Shoes), $278.00


Spill it: What’s your fall-fashion staple?

Hello, lovely! Thanks for dropping by. Now that you've got some boot-inspiration, why not pair your new pair (ha!) with white pieces to bring summer-style into fall? If you're still hung up on the No White After Labour Day rule, reach for old faithful and tuck some great skinny jeans into those lovely boots, grab a scarf and go! 


Yes, You Can Wear White After Labour Day (And You Should)!

Breaking Down Style "Rules," One Season At A Time

Yes, You Can Wear White After Labour Day (And You Should)!

I’d like to take this opportunity to call bullshit on the No White After Labour Day Rule, because I, personally, think it’s one of the stupidest “rules” out there. Plus, I happen to own a fantastic pair of white pants, which I dearly love and spent too much on to only wear for a couple of months a year . . . and then there’s my no-pants outlook on summer, because BARE LEGS, you guys.

So, BULLSHIT on you, No White After Labour Day Rule. Aha! Take that, you stupid fashion rule.

In case you’ve ever wondered how this (outdated) rule came to be, I’ve found a few possibilities. Since white fabric generally tends to be much lighter than darker fabrics—and also doesn’t attract the sun like a dark colour wouldwhite clothing would keep our non-air conditioned friends of yesteryear a little cooler when the temperatures soared.

There was, of course, the very sensible notion that wearing white shoes after the warm weather disappeared would ruin themthink rain, snow, and, in this day and age, salt! Nothing ruins a white shoe like mud, which apparently doesn’t exist in the summer to those who argue this reason. But, in what world does function rule fashion? None, really, because FASHION. And also, snobbery.

White clothing was once reserved for peeps much richer than I who enjoyed summers outside of the city in luxurious white linen suits, cream dresses, and Panama hats, while poor folk (like me!) shuffled to work in dark clothes day in and day out. These are the people who didn’t have to wear black for fear of spilling coffee and red wine all over themselves as I tend to do every time I wear white.

But I digress.

I’m a firm believer that the No White After Labour Day Rule should go and live in the world of No Horizontal Stripes and Don’t Mix Patterns. So, I’m banishing it.

To wear white after the temperatures cool, reach for heavier fabrics (think white denim or wool), and mix light, airy fabrics with deep, bold pieces for a romantic, chic balance.

  • Wear your white blazer atop a dark turtleneck.
  • Wear white or cream-coloured blouses any time (they’re seasonless).
  • Pair your white belt with a neutral pant and bright blouse for a fashion-forward, colour-block effect.
  • Reach for cream or light beige booties for a fresh, chic way to put your best foot forward.

To wear your favourite white pants after the leaves begin to turn, pair them with dark, heavy pieces is structured shapes for work, and reach for cozy sweaters and boots for easy weekend style.

1. Figure Fit Jacket, H&M, $59.95

2. Basic Boatneck T-Shirt, Smart Set, $18.90

3. Chaella Shoe, Spring, $34.99

4. 1969 Legging Skimmer Jeans, Gap, $19.99 SALE

5. Day In, Day Outside Hat, Modcloth, $39.99

6. Fisherman Knit Sweater, Forever 21, $23.80

8. Hassick Ankle Bootie, Aldo, $63.00 SALE

Want to add something white to your wardrobe for fall and winter? Look for cream or ivory piecesthey’re less jarring and help warm up your complexion. Need some inspiration? Perhaps these will help:

1. Ivory Moto  Zip Coat, Victoria’s Secret, $168

2. Lace Against Time Bootie, Bait Footwear, $74.99

3. Ivory Box Pleat Skirt, Banana Republic, $79.50

4. Cashmere Multi-Way Dress, Victoria’s Secret, $49.50 SALE

Hello! Thanks for coming over. If you're not so sure about wearing white, you might want to try my favourite colour on for size. It's lovely! But if that doesn't tickle your fancy, rest assured, this style staple is as seasonless as they come