Voices of Motherhood: 10 Beautiful Stories in a Free eBook

2015 Voices of Motherhood Writing Contest Winners

by: Erica Ehm

Voices of Motherhood: 10 Beautiful Stories in a Free eBook


A few weeks ago we asked you to share your stories of motherhood for our Voices of Motherhood writing contest.

We knew we'd receive stories filled with humour and heart, and you delivered! We read so many amazing entries from all over Canada, from moms of all walks of life. Our judges had a hard task narrowing it down to 10 winners, but after much deliberation and calculation, the feat was accomplished!

The fact that we're announcing the winners of YMC's Voices of Motherhood writing contest on Mother's Day is no coincidence. Just as there is no one cookie-cutter motherhood experience, there is no one way to share or celebrate your story. Motherhood can be at once scary, profound, tiring, hilarious, and heart-breaking. Every mom is different, and every mom's story is different; but a common thread binds us all - the love we have for our children.

It was this premise, this complexity of motherhood, which initially inspired our Voices of Motherhood Writing Contest three years ago. Having an opportunity to put pen to paper to help process the changes children bring to our lives can be incredibly cathartic. Every year the winning stories grab our judges' hearts and funny bones with their powerful writing. They truly capture the depth of emotions moms deal with, and this year's entries were no exception.

This year, tasked with composing a story connected to the theme of Stages of Motherhood: Past, Present or Future, over 100 women took on the  challenge, head on. 

Our five diligent judges - myself included - laughed and (mostly) cried through all the entries, scoring each story on Title, Grammar, Creativity and Unique Voice. It was a process that took hours. How do you judge passion? How do you grade someone's unique experience or voice? In the end, we added our individual scores to arrive at the 10 official winners of the 2015 Voices of Motherhood Writing Contest.

The winners are:

Grand Prize Winner

Rosemary O'Neill Warrior Mother

Second Place Winners

Jessica Gollub The Weight of Letting Go
Liz McLennan Carrying Love
Runners Up
Karen Green Symphonies
Joy Meehan Journeys to Here
Christina Myers A Constant Love
Taslim Jaffer Finding Myself on the Kitchen Floor
Tara Wilson You Should Envy Me
Cristi Gambacourt A Letter to My Expectant Sister
Vinma Joseph A Story Untold
This year we wanted to do something special for all the women who make up the tapestry of voices that is YMC. As well as publishing all the winning stories on the website in the coming days, we created this free downloadable keepsake e-book so you can read all the winning entries NOW

To celebrate Mother's Day, please consider these stories our Mother's Day gift for you. 

We hope you make time to download this free ebook (available here in .pdf, .mobi, and .epub formats for iBook and mobile readers), curl up in your favorite place to read, and enjoy the powerful prose written by moms for moms.

Download the PDF
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Happy Mother's Day!