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Apple CEO Tim Cook is Gay: Should We Care?

Is Coming Out Still A Big Deal?

So Apple's CEO Tim Cook has come out and, predictably, every time someone prominent or famous comes out as gay, it's a big deal. Or it's supposed to come as some kind of shock. This begs the question... Why does anyone give a flying truck if Tim Cook, or anyone else for that matter, is gay.

That's like me shouting out that I'm straight. It's not a given, but it's not entirely relevant, either. Gay rights have come a long way. I know things aren't perfect, is the point moot?

What he shouldn't have to do is broadcast his sexual orientation to the masses, because it's no one's business. At least it shouldn't be. The fact that he feels the need to declare his sexual position in an essay published in Businessweek tells me that maybe as a society we are not evolved as we like to think we are.

"I’m proud to be gay, and I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me," Cook wrote in the article. "Plenty of colleagues at Apple know I’m gay, and it doesn’t seem to make a difference in the way they treat me." 

Fair play to him, and fair play to Apple's many employees, who probably couldn't care less which way he swings. His sexual preference doesn't detract from—or add to—his role within the company.

Good luck to you, Mr. Cook. Now go back to doing what you do best.

You tell me: do celebrities still need to publicly 'out' themselves?