Top 10 Baby Names Trends For 2016 

it's all Caitlyn and Star Wars

Top 10 Baby Names Trends For 2016 

Top 2016 Baby Names |

What will be the hottest baby name in 2016? If you're currently expecting and tearing out your hair as you pour over name sites, deliberate no more. Nameberry has whipped out its crystal ball and predicted trends for the new year ahead.

As per usual, pop culture and celebrity happenings influence our baby name choices. Gone are the odes to Harper Lee's 'Mockingbird.' 

The two biggest trends for 2016 have Caitlyn Jenner and Star Wars to thank for their surge in popularity:

  1. Gender fluid
    Ryan Reynolds was clearly ahead of the game when he named his daughter. And Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg named his daughter Max, proving there is no such thing as a "boy name" and a "girl name." Other gender fluid favourites include Charlie, Ryan, Jayde, Andy, Sasha, Remy and Rory.
  2. Star Wars
    Star Wars is back with a bang, yet people aren't going for the obvious choices this time around. Luke and Leia are old hat, yet Anakin is already ranking high, and other character are expected to follow: Poe, Finn, Rey, Hux, Kylo, Ren, even Dameron. Phasma, not so much.
  3. Simplified
    Short and sweet seems to be the way forward, reflecting a cultural shift toward uncluttered living. What was once a nickname is now just a name. And I have to say, I'm not a fan of most 'trendy' names, but this is one trend I can get behind: Liv, Eve, Bo, Ace, Dean, Van, Dax, Noe, Elle, Edie, Art and Hank.
  4. Cross culture
    The world is shrinking. Not literally, of course, but these days it's not uncommon for one culture to borrow a name from another country or culture. Take the Irish Maeve or the Italian Giovanni. You don't have to be Jewish to name your child Cohen or Spanish to name your daughter Cruz. 
  5. Vive La France
    Even negative news can spawn a trend. With the world looking to Paris following recent terrorist attacks, many of the new names will be French in origin: Ines, Manon, Maelys, Lilou, Leonie, Timeo, Jules and Mathis.
  6. Nouns
    If the above selections are all too staid for your tastes, go the celebrity, getting your inspiration from nature or other common nouns: Snow, Love, Moon, Rainbow, Ocean, Sky, Rein, Blue, Red, Day, Bay, Dove, Dream, Dune, Frost, Grove, Muse, Pike and Pine.
  7. Flowers
    Lily and Daisy, step aside. Today's flowers are a rarely kind: Marigold and Posy, Flora and Poppy, Primrose, Bluebell and Petal are in full bloom.
  8. Old men
    It used to be that only your great grandfather or your dog was called Clyde, but 2016 will pay homage to 'old man' names: Alfred, Harvey, Ellis, Clark, Otto, Harold, Ernest, Leonard, Warren, Howard, Barney, Edwin, Floyd, Leopold, Morris, Murray, Montgomery, Ralph, Rudolph, Seymour and Stanley.
  9. Galaxy
    We have Kim and Kanye to thank for pointing us in this (North West) direction. These days celestial names are all the rage: Luna, Nova, Orion, Celeste, Phoenix, Skye, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Cloud, Andromeda, Io and Cassiopeia.
  10. 'Th'
    The 'th' digraph will feature heavily as in: Thea and Theo, Dorothy, Theodore, Thatcher, Thiago, Thalia, Thaddeus, Dorothea, Theodora, Thayer, Matthias, Meredith, Edith, Ruth, Judith and Seth.

While you ponder the name your child will wear for the rest of their life, please be kind and consider this sage advice from YMC's editor.

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Kids Have Power to Surprise in Christmas Giving Video

I choose family

Kids Have Power to Surprise in Christmas Giving Video

Christmas Gift Video |

If you ask most kids what their favourite part of Christmas is, it's safe to assume most will answer: PRESENTS.

But children have the power to surprise, and surprise they did in a video by the agency, Rob Bliss Creative.

"I created this video because I felt that there's an assumption that all kids care about regarding Christmas is getting presents," said Bliss. "I wanted to put that idea to the test and find out the truth."

In the segment, kids from low-income families in Georgia are asked what they and their parents would like for Christmas.

It's amazing to see the kids' faces light up and their eyes pop as their wish list items are brought out. Lego... Xbox... Laptops...

Yet - of course - there is a catch. The kids are then given an agonizing ultimatum. You can have one gift but not both.

Sure, the cameras are rolling. Nonetheless, their responses are guaranteed to get the waterworks going. Out of 18 kids, 80 per cent chose to give rather than to receive.

"Legos don't matter," says nine-year-old Aaron. "Your family matters - not Legos, not toys - your family. So, it's either family or Legos, and I choose family."

What is truly moving are the reasons kids list for giving back to their parents. Some of these families can't even afford Christmas trees, so it's wondrous to see where their hearts are at.

You can probably predict what happens next, yet it's still well worth the watch and all the feels that follow.

Happy holidays everyone!


Star Wars Holiday Light Show Will Blow Your Mind

may the christmas force be with you

Star Wars Holiday Light Show Will Blow Your Mind

Star Wars Christmas Lights Display |

Star Wars fans are a diehard loyal bunch, and that's a pretty admirable thing. Yet here's where I confess, I'm not one of them. 

I didn't countdown the days until the release of the latest installment of the franchise, The Force Awakens. I can't remember with any clarity anything much about the movies from my childhood, except for Princess Leia's hair buns and a young Harrison Ford as Han Solo.

And I have gladly sidestepped the last, I dunno, four or five sequels and prequels. (Actually, the fact that I don't even know how many Star Wars movies there have been in total shows the extent of my disengagement...)

But for those of you schooled in the ways of the Jedi, your Christmas gift came a day early. 

Even though I'm not a fan of intergalactic warfare, I am a fan of over-the-top holiday light displays and even more so when that display happens to be set to a powerful score like that of Star Wars. 

Last year, YouTuber and Star Wars megafan Tom BetGeorge programmed a mere 100,000 Christmas lights to the sounds of Star Wars. This year, he upped the ante with a new show, complete with rooftop lightsaber action. Prepare to have your mind blown. 

Incredibly, BetGeorge estimates the show only costs him $80 to run for a few hours each night. And probably another $20 to buy the goodwill of his long-suffering neighbours.

I'm kidding. BetGeorge is blessed with a community that shares his passion. At least until next year or when the next Star Wars movie comes out - whichever comes sooner. 

May the Force stay with him. His dark powers are seriously awesome.