KFC Made Edible Nail Polish and It's Finger Lickin' Good

A new form of chicken fingers is born!

KFC Made Edible Nail Polish and It's Finger Lickin' Good

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It feels like only yesterday I was scratching my head over furry nails, and now I’ve come to discover that I can really get back on the diet train by simply licking my nails… thanks to KFC “Tastes Like Chicken” nail polishes. Except I'd rather not. 

Joke? Lord love a flappin’ duck, I hope so.  But according to every article I’ve gotten my non-chicken fingers on, it’s a real thing. And, like, hands are gross, you guys. Is it really assumed that someone is going to paint their nails with this toxic-chicken paint and then LICK THEM? (The word “ew” comes to mind.) 

According to an article from ADWEEK, the product is based on two of the company’s favourite recipes: Original and Hot & Spicy and while it is real, it’s not being mass-produced… yet.

As a kid, I remember buying scented nail polishes (like Hot Chocolate and Strawberry) and then being super classy and telling my friends to smell my fingers. And, OK, one time I stocked up on flavoured body lotion in Vanilla and Sugar Cookie because it seemed like a great idea (I was informed by my now-ex-husband that it actually tasted like chemicals and “Girl, you’re crazy”)… but CHICKEN? 

KFC Nail polish

Gosh. I think I prefer the old meaning behind “Finger lickin’ good”. 

What do you think: Is it the grossest ever or did KFC kick off a new nail trend? 

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