Newbie's Guide to BlissDom: Expect Awesome!

Hint: It's not all blog titles and workshops

Newbie's Guide to BlissDom: Expect Awesome!

Blissdom Canada

It’s amazing the way being in the right place can impact your life and your work. 

I’ve always loved writing and long dreamt of being a real, live, honest-to-goodness writer, but it was never something that I felt I could say I was. Even though my job as a communications professional means that I’m constantly writing speeches, media releases, newsletters, advertorials, emails, marketing campaign copy and more, I often felt like I was standing at the corner of Writer and Non-Writer just kind of… stuck.

When I first heard of BlissDom Canada, I knew I wanted to go. Still relatively new to blogging, I realized the conference coincided with my one-year bloggiversary, and I decided it was fate so I bought a ticket… and then couldn’t attend. Boo, right? Yep. I lived vicariously through many of my (now) fellow YMC bloggers, wishing I could be there to take it all in. 

Last year, I finally made it to BlissDom and I’ve been looking forward to returning this year since I boarded my flight that Sunday - exhausted and invigorated. My notebook was full of scribbles, the beginnings of blog posts and contact information for new friends. I had been so nervous arriving that I was shaking in the elevator on the way to my room. I felt like a faker, and I worried that I was in over my head.

But I wasn’t. And my nerves began to melt away when I walked through the doors to the first BlissDom event of the weekend. Standing at the YMC booth, I felt - for the first time - that I really belonged. Friends I’d long known online approached me to say hello in person, and it was just like running into someone you’d known since childhood. The buzz was infectious, and it took weeks to wear off. I left BlissDom feeling like a writer. I left feeling like a new person. My first BlissDom experience was amazing, and it left me eager for my next adventure. 

A few people have asked if I think they should attend BlissDom. My answer is always yes: it’s an amazing opportunity to make friends, build your personal brand and learn a lot. The second question I get is “What can I expect at BlissDom?”

You can expect a warm and supportive atmosphere where you are valued and cheered on. You can expect to see a variety of brands showcasing their products, a whack of moms on the loose, talented bloggers, new bloggers, “I’m not sure if I’m a blogger” bloggers and then some. You can expect laughter and tears and heartache  and joy and growth and probably a headache because your brain can’t possibly take in another piece of information. You can expect a pocket full of business cards, notebooks full of scribbles and some of the best memories you've had in a long, long time.You can bet your bottom dollar on friendship and camaraderie and new partnerships. 

You can find wisdom and guidance, a mentor and more at BlissDom Canada. I know I did. 

See you there! 

Photo by Anna Epp

BlissDom Canada
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