Everything You Need To Look And Feel Great At A Conference

Marry Comfort With Style And Get Your BlissDom On!

Everything You Need To Look And Feel Great At A Conference

What to Wear to Blissdom Canada

BlissDom Canada is coming! 

I’m no stranger to conferences, having attended more than my fair share of all-work, no-play, stuffy business conferences, but this year will be my first BlissDom Canada conference. I’m looking forward to leaving my suits at home, and also to meeting all of you amazing people IN THE FLESH. You can expect squeals of joy and lots of hugs from me, so prepare yourselves now.

I kid you not when I say that I started thinking about what I’d wear to BlissDom Canada right around the time the ticket confirmation landed in my email. In fact, in my effort to determine exactly what my BlissDom uniform will be, I completely forgot to book a room, because PRIORITIES. (At least I’ll look good sleeping in the hallway, right?) If you haven't already registered, head this way.

Iflike meyou’re flying in, be sure to dress comfortably and in layers, so you can face the sometimes-wonky weather that we enjoy in October. Think skinnies, flats (boots or ballet flats depending on weather), a simple tee, cardigan, scarf, and jacket. I never travel anywhere without a big scarfit doubles as a blanket and I am always cold!

  1. Scarf, Forever 21, (Similar) $10.80
  2. ADORE Scoop-neck Graphic Tee, Old Navy, $14.94
  3. Mossimo Waterfall Cardigan, Target, $20.00
  4. Always Skinny 1969 Jean, Gap, $79.95
  5. Skinny Leopard Print Belt, Banana Republic, $35.00
  6. Moto Jacket, H&M, $64.00
  7. Jack Satchel, Matt and Nat, (Similar) $195.00 (I own and love this, plusit’s vegan!)
  8. Vallero Riding Boot, Blondo, $149.95

Hooray! Now you’re at BlissDom Canada! You’re in for a weekend of fabulousness and fun, but I bet you’re going to want to be comfortable, too. The good news? There is no need to sacrifice style for comfort. Just like your trip to the hotel, you want to dress in comfortable layers all weekend long. Be sure to pack items that are interchangeable (yay for the interchangeable wardrobe!), so you have oodles of outfit options each day. 

I’ll be putting my best foot forward with stylish-but-comfortable shoes all weekend long, and my business cards will be stashed into a roomy, cross-body bag so I can hug and shake hands and carry stuff with ease! Your favourite jeans, tees, and cardigans, sweater dresses with boots, or leggings and great tunics are all easy, comfortable, and cuteperfect for making memories with new friends.

Outfit One

  1. Dorset Sweater Dress, Athleta, $84.99
  2. Leggings, Anywhere (I like these from Suzy Shier for $12.00)
  3. Over-the-knee boot, Aldo, (Similar) $87.99
  4. Resin Flower Stud Earrings, Tory Burch, $68.00
  5. Georgia Sand Watch, Fossil, $107.47
  6. Faux-Leather Cross Body Satchel, Forever 21, $29.80

Outfit Two

  1. Pashmina, Le Chateau, 2 for $25.00
  2. Jersey Tank, H&M, $12.00
  3. Always Skinny 1969 Jean, Gap, $79.95
  4. Leopard Print Loafer, Neiman Marcus, $64.50
  5. Geena Mandy Cardigan, ONLY, $40.00 (Sometimes HBC carries ONLY clothes!)
  6. Leaf Earrings, Humble Girl, $18.00
  7. Reay Handbag, Aldo, $60.00

I’d tell you about my #ThrowbackThursday outfit plans, but then I’d have to kill you. Suffice it to say, '90s cartoon style is in the works.

For Friday evening’s surprise party, I'll go with old faithful and bust out my LBDwhich I can also dress down for daytime events if need bewith heels and fun jewellery.

And you best believe there will be a onesie or some other embarrassing but awesome pair of PJs happening during Saturday night’s Pajama Party. Rubber boots optional.

See you there, Yummy Mummies (and Dapper Daddies!)  

Why you don't want to miss BlissDom Canada this year.

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Easy Fashion Tips For Your Back-To-School Shopping Needs

Sartorial Smarts And Social Studies

Easy Fashion Tips For Your Back-To-School Shopping Needs

I can hardly believe I’m saying this, but it’s almost back-to-school time.

As the mom of a preschooler, summer has been exactly no different than the other three seasons as my son continued to attend his preschool every day, but as the school supplies hit the shelves and  students are touring campus, I’m reminded of the “trips to town” for backpacks, pencils and new indoor shoes.

Here are some tips on surviving the back-to-school fashion.

(Remind me I wrote this next year, would you?)

DO determine your budget and stick to it. When I worked for charity, we found that the average cost for a backpack filled with necessary school supplies, plus a new pair of shoes was around $100. For parents with more than one child, that can get out of hand pretty quickly. Now make a list and determine what item(s) you need to splurge on, what items to buy cheap and what items to leave on the shelf.

DON’T rush out and buy all new clothes for the year (especially since the fall clothing will be on sale in October). Chances are pretty good that the weather will be warm enough for shorts (dress-code approved, of course!) and tees for at least the first few weeks. Save your money until the sales start, and — if your kids are still growing like weeds — buy a size (or two) up.

DO salvage and scrounge what you can from last year. Is the backpack in good condition? Does the snowsuit still fit? What about those gym shoes? DON'T spend money where you don't need to. University ain't cheap, yo.

DON’T forget to let your child inject his or her personality into their style. Like it or lump it, how we present ourselves is a big part of our nonverbal communication. So, even if you cringe at the thought of those neon high top sneakers, if your child loves them and the school allows them… let him wear them. Just document with oodles of photos so you can show him when he’s 20.

DO set boundaries for what your kids can and can’t wear to school, and do your best to abide by the school dress code.

DON’T mistake the word “top” in a name (like bikini top) to mean that it is an acceptable shirt. Crop tops are NOT school appropriate, unless there’s a long tank underneath. (Honestly, I kind of hope the crop top trend dies soon.) 

DO adopt and enforce the No Bs rule: No butts, boobs, or bellies. There’s a time and a place, but school is just not it. (Neither is the mall or a job interview.)

DON’T rule out second hand stores like The Salvation Army Thrift Store, Value Village or Frenchys. Sure, you might need to do some digging, but gently used clothing can save you a whack of money. You know your little one will get marker, glue, sparkles and probably paint on their clothes. And then, of course, the grass stains from sliding into second base during that game of soccer baseball. Sigh.

DO remember that leggings are not pants — unless the butt is covered, they are a big DON'T

My favourite spots for children's clothes? Gap Kids, Old Navy, The Children's Place (bonus: AIRMILES!!), H&M, Winners, Target and secondhand stores! 


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

At the end of the day, DON’T spend too much money, DO make sure that the kids are clean, DON’T forget to give them their school supplies and DO remind them that the hallways at school aren’t runways — they’re there for an education, after all. (Of course there’s nothing wrong with looking good while they’re there.)

Oh, and one final DO: pour yourself a big ol’ glass of wine now that the reality of back to school has hit you. You earned it, Mama. 

Thanks for dropping by. If you think your kids need to step up their sartorial game, check out this nine-year-old CEO's amazing sense of style. As for you, mama, save time in the morning rush by rocking an easy, peasy ponytail to the school drop-off and everywher else! See you next time.

You can learn even more ways to get organized and transition from summer to school on our Back-To-School 2014 page.


Adorable Nine-Year-Old CEO Has Better Style Than You Do!

Warning: Adorableness and Deliciousness Below

Adorable Nine-Year-Old CEO Has Better Style Than You Do!

I’ve been told once or twice that I’ve got pretty good style, but a nine-year-old is putting me to terrible, terrible, TERRIBLE shame as he rocks it in sweet frames, adorable suits, and the best hair you've ever laid eyes on.

Oh, and he’s probably more successful than I am, too. So, there’s also that. 

Meet Mr. CoryNew Jersey-dwelling sartorial specialist and CEO of Mr. Cory’s Cookies, and also the adorableness responsible for this:

And this:

And also this:

I know. He's the cutest. And yes, that is a POCKET SQUARE. 

According to the Huffington Post, Mr. Cory describes his style as “fancy,” “BOSS,” and “high quality." He prefers linen pants and shirts, and shops at Zara, Ralph Lauren, and Salvation Army Thrift Stores (poppin’ tags, you guys!). He suggests every guy should own a suit, pocket square, and a classic watch, and then he reminds us all: "Presentation is the key to success." 

And he's totally right. There's a reason why I spend an entire day every week when I teach Career Planning and Preparation talking to my students about what they wear—how you look says a lot about you.

A lot of adults are still figuring out how to dress themselves and identifying their personal styles, so it's totally reasonable if you're feeling a little jealous of a nine-year-old who just gets it. Have I mentioned the part where he's the CEO of his own company? Yeah. He's the CEO of his own company. At nine. Is your head spinning? 

Not only are cookies delicious, but the spark behind this company is even sweeter (ha!)Mr. Cory was motivated by the desire to buy his mom a car when he founded Mr. Cory's Cookies. (F: Start taking notes. I'd like a new car in about 4.5 years.) His schtick? "Softening the world, one cookie at a time." I DIE OF THE CUTE. The cookies are homemade and preservative-free, and his website assures me I can soon buy his cookie dough online. No word yet on whether he'll be providing style consultations. 

You can follow him on Instagram and swoon at his adorableness, and also probably salivate at his cookie posts. If you need me, I’m online shopping and eating my feelings. Which probably don’t taste as good as these:

Or these:

I rest my case. 

If you're looking for delicious cookies, I suggest you head right this way and pour yourself a big glass of milk. Now that you're fed, check out my summer style staplesincluding the It Shoe for Summer 2014. And make sure you're beating the heat with some super-easy summer ponytails