Four Products I Reviewed

products I had time to make, taste, test or wear.

by: Erica Ehm

Four Products I Reviewed

It's weird running a website for moms. Unsolicited packages from PR companies show up on my doorstep daily even though I'm not in the habit of doing product reviews. Occassionally one grabs my attention.

Here are a few products I had time to make, taste, test or wear.

Malibu Piña Colada
This ready to drink Pina Colada is a great idea—in theory. It comes in a 1.75L party size plastic dispenser perfect for the untalented bartender—meaning me. I tried it out on some unsuspecting dinner guests. I poured a bunch of the liquid into my blender with a bunch of ice hoping for a taste of summer. Instead I ended up with a too sweet drink that lacked the coconut creaminess of a real piña colada.

Two thumbs down from all of us.

O.N.E Coconut Water
I was sent four snack sized portions of O.N.E Coconut water to try out. I already had read about the health benefits of coconut water, so was intrigued. I liked the taste—slightly sweet but refreshing. My kids kind of liked it, having actually cracked open coconuts themselves while holidaying in the Caribbean. They told me they'd drink it for sure if I bought some. So, I picked up a large container, but no one has touched it thus far. I'm guessing it's simply because we prefer the fresh taste of water—even though it lacks some of the nutritional benefits of coconut water. 

One thumb up.

Herbal Essences Hair Products
A huge bag filled with a variety of shampoos, conditioners, gels, and other assorted hair products from the latest Herbal Essences collection showed up, but I wasn't too excited. I'm a bit of a hair snob and buy my shampoos and conditioners at the salon. I also don't usually use hair-styling products, mainly because I don't know how to use them or which ones to buy. So when this bag showed up, I was able to experiment a bit—with surprisingly good results. First, as my hair ages, it's getting frizzier. The Anti-Frizz Creme definitely made my hair smoother. After I blow dry my mane, it looked shinier—plus, I like the smell. This product is now part of my regular summer hair routine to beat the humidity.

Next, I tested out the Curl Silkening Detangler on my daughter's Rapunzel-length horribly-knotted hair. We were both surprised with how her tangles dissolved in seconds with a quick brush through. Her hair was extra shiny and the post spritz fragrance was nice.

Two Thumbs up.

Iviva Athletica
I would happily wear Lululemon every day. Their designs are stylish, innovative and so deliciously comfortable. I was excited to receive three pieces from their head office until I pulled the pint-sized activewear out of the box. Sadly for me, the tops and leggings were from Ivivva Athletica, Lululemon's new fitness inspired clothing collection for kids. Although designed for the junior set, the same attention to detail and unique styling is in keeping with the Lululemon brand—colorful, playful and ultimately wearable. The black leggings my daughter was sent sports a thick colorful waist band and bright stitches down the leg. Don't like colour? No problem. They're reversible to plain black! Both the bright pink and turquoise skinny strapped Lycra tops were stunning on her. 

My daughter does a lot of dance and gymnastics which is the Ivivva target market. Every piece of Ivivva clothing is connected to sport and movement, which is a great message for our girls.  Don't expect to find the Iviva collection at Lululemon stores. Instead, my understanding is they are keeping the brands separate; Iviva boutiques are slowly rolling out across Canada. There are currently 8 Iviva shops open across Canada. Or you can order online at Ivivva.com.

Two Thumbs Up