I Need Your Help

Spill It Please

by: Erica Ehm

I Need Your Help

So, the new YMC site has been live for a week now. Fingers crossed that you're having a blast bouncing around discovering new blogs, articles, tips, tv and contests we've been working so hard on for you! All of the amazing YMC staffers who worked tirelessly for the last year to put this together for you are getting to know their families again, making appointments to colour their hair and other assorted important tasks we've all had to put on hold.

While my team breathes a much-deserved sigh of relief, my poor brain is still racing way too fast. There is so much to do and so little time! But, the question I'm having a difficult time answering is: What should we be prioritizing at YMC?

Here's where I need your help! The site is built for you! Which means, I need to know what's working and what isn't for you. What kind of content are you discovering on the new YMC you felt was missing before? And, what is still missing?

What haven't we even thought of that you think modern moms would benefit from?

As you know, we take your feedback very seriously! It's your ideas that will push us to continue to reinvent what we do.

Imagine me sipping my non-fat green tea latte, reading your comments and making copious notes on where we can take this site in 2012.

Please don't hold back cuz this is where moms spill it!


Welcome to the New YMC

Where Moms Can Spill It

by: Erica Ehm

Welcome to the New YMC

Almost a year ago we sent out a survey inviting YMC readers to dish on the good, bad, and the ugly on our site. We were inundated with brutally honest feedback on what you loved and loathed about YMC. What followed was some serious brainstorming, lots of coffee, meetings, and a plan!

We hope you like the new and improved YMC online destination for the woman in every mom. Our plan is to ensure you spend far too many hours browsing our playful and helpful articles and blogs written by and for exhausted moms to help you get through the rollercoaster ride of motherhood.

Let's face it. Motherhood is messy. We put a lot of thought into our new tagline "Where Moms Spill It." We want you to use this site to spill it—to converse, confess, comment, and create content that matters to you. Chances are, if you're going through something, a whole bunch of us may be dealing with the same issues.

We want to hear your opinions, we want to promote your events and your business, we want you to win prizes, meet like-minded moms and find information that matters to you. So spill it!! We're all here to listen.

I started almost six years ago to remind moms that we're more than somebody's mom. We are multi-tasking, multi-dimensional, and multi-talented women who now add "mother" to our resume. We all need a little reminding to take care of ourselves and have guilt-free me-time to recharge. The eclectic content on YMC reflects the diverse interests and passions relevant to modern moms.

While I may have conceived of this site, it's the amazing women who now are part of the YMC Team that pulled this together. Jen Charron, my favorite Control Freak ever, has been visionary in leading the Razorbraille development team, meticuloulsy managing and dreaming much of what you see. She deserves so much of the credit for what you see.

Sharon DeVellis has her messy fingerprints all over this site. She's our outside voice, our content curator, and our morale. Her sarcasm and steadfast loyalty helped all of us bring this site to life.

Eileen Fisher, Gwen Leron and Karen Elliot worked waaaay too hard the last few months, pouring all their creative and technical skills into this site for you. Sure we all work from home, but the time everyone sacrificed away from their families to make this come alive is kind of overwhelming for me. If I haven't said it enough to each of you, let me say it again. Thank you for creating this awesome space for moms to play in!

Did you know we have a brand new editor-in-chief to go along with the redesign? Ali Martell is an uber-talented mom of three who gets it. Expect to see uber-cool, relevant, and quirky content to start to showing throughout the site. It'll make you think, and laugh, and maybe even cry.

If you haven't met the YMC Bloggers yet, you're in for a treat. A dynamic bunch of handpicked writers will continue to share their passions, how-to tips, and stories with you. And it would be awesome if you barrage them with comments; let's get that conversation going!

We want YOU on our team too. Write articles for us. Share tips! Before you can say "I'm exhausted," we'll have our forums up and running too.

So, what do you think of the new YMC? We made it just for you.