Are You Buying This Celebrity Endorsement

Airbrushed Advertising Lies

by: Erica Ehm

Are You Buying This Celebrity Endorsement

There are only a few times during the year I have the luxury to go through fashion mags - at the hairdresser and while on vacation. This holiday season I vowed to waste my precious time with a stack of magazines featuring clothes that will never look that good on me, worn by models I'll never look like. I'm okay with that.

I snuggled onto the sofa with the latest Harper's Bazaar, a spicy cabernet keeping me company. Not two minutes into the magazine I'm already noticing a trend. Most of the ads don't feature long willowy 17 year old models - which is a good thing. Instead, some of our most glamourous and talented actresses are shilling perfume, handbags and smoky eyes.

Julia Roberts shows off a stunning complexion for Lancome makeup. She looks beautiful and happy - and clearly airbrushed. No signs of motherhood left on Julia's face.

Eva Langoria wants you to buy Voluminous mascara - her eyelids are weighed down with heavily mascara-ed eyelashes that resemble black widow spiders.

Scarlett Johansson is barely recognizable as she stares into space looking glamourous and stoned wearing Dolce and Gabanna's Holiday Collection.

Drew Barrymore smiles coyly at me, looking perfect in purple smoky eyes from Covergirl. If I tried that look I'd look like a tired drag queen...unless Drew's makeup artist did me.

and my fave...

The elegant Julianna Moore, lying naked on an exotic chaise lounge with some sort of lion cub, wearing nothing but a Bulgari purse, airbrushed to perfection - all her personality and intelligence washed away. Am I jealous or jaded?

Which makes me wonder - do these ads make you want to buy these products? If Drew Barrymore wears purple smoky eyes, will you? Will Lancome makeup wash away your motherhood fatigue, creating a picture perfect complexion?

Last year we asked YMC members if they would buy a product because a celebrity recommended it?  The response was overwhelmingly negative. A whopping 88% said celebrity endorsement had no impact on their purchasing decisions.

So what gives? Have your buying habits changed over the last year? Or are these huge companies wasting their marketing dollars?

Have you given thought as to what makes you buy cosmetics? A handbag? A perfect complexion? What celebrity endorsements do you think are successful?

Speaking of makeup, I'm looking for an awesome black liner. Can you recommend your fave? No celebrity association neccessary!  


Did You Know This About Me?

My Songwriter Days

by: Erica Ehm

Did You Know This About Me?

There was a post on my Facebook page that reminded me that I've forgotten an important piece of me along the road of motherhood.

Did you know that pre-Yummy Mummy Club, and really pre-kids, I was a very busy songwriter? I started in the early 90's teaming up with singer/songwriter Tim Thorney. Our creative styles meshed and we began a decade long partnership. In keeping with my innate need for entrepreneurship Tim and I decided to find artists, write their whole album, produce it and then launch our own record label to promote and sell it.

Cassandra Vasik became the voice of our music. A quirky singer from Blenheim, Ontario had a voice of the angels but no desire to write. I poured out my life into her songs and she brought them to life. In 1992 Cassandra Vasik was awarded a Juno for Best Country Female Vocalist for her album WildFlowers created by us. Truly a highlight of my life. I found this old video on You Tube.

In total Tim and I co-wrote and produced eight albums for a variety of artists - most of it in the country/roots genre - except for the theme of the Pipi Longstocking animated film/tv series  we wrote.  I was incredibly creatively fulfilled working with Tim.

But, one day Tim got the call from Alanis Morrisette to write. The three of us wrote a couple of tunes together and then went our separate ways.

Since that time I've co-written with a variety of extremely talented songwriters.

Which brings me to that post on Facebook. One of the co-writing teams I last wrote with is the very talented Laura Torno and her husband Earl. We penned a song called Somebody Like Me years ago. Apparently the song has recently been recorded by a Nashville country vocalist named Erica Nicole, and according to my Facebook post, is sitting at #1 on the New Top 20 on Demand on the Bull 94.9 in Atlanta. Wow.

But it makes me think about motherhood and the sacrifices we make.

There just isn't enough time in the day to do everything. I launched Yummy Mummy Club as a means to connect with like minded mummies - and thanks to you - it's become much bigger than I could have ever dreamed.

But it comes as a cost. Songwriting is on hold. I'd rather have time to play with my kids, help them with homework and cuddle with them.

It's a different kind of fullfillment. Maybe one day I'll write songs with my kids - and have the best of all worlds.


Three Eggs-cellent Reasons to be Happy

Giving Back And Getting Healthy

by: Erica Ehm

Three Eggs-cellent Reasons to be Happy

I love it when things that make me happy happen at the same time. Like this:

First, it's no secret I am raising a family of egg lovers. Since my daughter is allergic to all nuts and fish, eggs are a big source of protein in our home. I'm also a fan of cooking with eggs because they are quick and easy - perfect for a non chef like me. I even shot some videos showing off my son's fave scrambled egg recipe, my daughter's penchant for french toast and my husband's uncanny ability to flip an egg.

Here's the second part of my happy equation. If you've been following the evolution of Yummy Mummy Club and/or chat with us on Twitter, you'll be familiar with our #BeKind movement - our ongoing commitment to making the world a little kinder.

After a brainstorm session with Egg Farmers of Canada, we came up with a fantastic promotion that's win/win for everyone. Starting this week, we're posting a month of Holiday "Eggs-pertise" filled with easy and yummy recipes plus useful information on how to incorporate eggs into your family's diet. At the same time, we're launching a HUGE contest in which you can win $1,000 to help pay off your holiday bills by sharing your eggs-pertise.

Here's the best part...every time you submit an "eggs"-pert tip to win, Egg Farmers of Canada will donate the equivalent of one egg to Food Banks of Canada. Our goal is 25,000 eggs!!! Actually, we hope to "eggs-cede" our goal with your help!

And, if that doesn't have you smiling yet, here's the third piece of my happy trilogy.

My family celebrates Hanukah. Ever since I was a child, the highlight of the holiday season was always my Bubby making latkes. Bubby was my happy place. Sadly, I lost my awesome Bubby four years ago at the age of 96. Now, every year, my family pays tribute to her by making her latke recipe at our annual Hanukah party.

So, in the #BeKind spirit, I'd like to share my Hanukah Holiday Eggs-pertise with you - Bubby's Latkes

Please note, this recipe is very old and requires you to adapt to your taste.

Peel and grate large potatoes (one per person).
Mix in one egg per potato.
Mix 'til eggs are blended in.
Add Matzoh Meal to slighty thicken the consistency.
Add salt to taste.

This is the Bubby training part that has no measurement. It's a trial and error thing. Not too soupy or your latkes will fall apart and not too much or they will be hard.

Fry in vegetable oil until lightly brown on both sides.
Let them 'rest' on paper towel to absorb excess oil.
Serve hot with apple sauce, sour cream or sugar.

Trust me - they are "eggs-cellent" (although not so great on the waistline).

Now, it's your turn to share your eggs-pertise for your chance to win $1,000 and donate eggs to Food Banks Canada.

I'll be here munching on latkes, thinking happy thoughts.  Go now...


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