Is This Face Too Scary For KFC?

Scarred 3-year-old told to leave fast food joint

Is This Face Too Scary For KFC?

girl attacked by pit bulls

The fried chicken giant asked a family to leave the establishment because their three-year-old girl's face was apparently frightening other diners.

As if little Victoria Wilcher hadn't already been through enough. According to an article in the Mirror, she was attacked by her grandfather's three pit bulls in April. Mercifully she survived, but in the process lost her right eye, and suffered a broken jaw, nose and cheek bones.

Her facial scarring left some people in a Jackson, Mississippi Kentucky Fried Chicken disconcerted.

Incredibly, staff asked Victoria's family to leave, causing her parents to take to Facebook over their admonishment.

Of course KFC is taking the matter seriously, and according to spokesperson Rick Maynard, the company is "committed to doing something appropriate for this beautiful little girl and her family."

I feel for this girl. She's lucky to be alive, yet we live in a cruel, shallow world. From now on she'll have to deal with near-constant staring and possibly bullying as a result of her injuries.

What do you think? Is KFC trying to save face after the fact?

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Netflix Brings Back The Magic School Bus—In CGI

But what will Miss Frizzle look like?

Netflix Brings Back The Magic School Bus—In CGI

magic school bus

Do you miss Miss Frizzle and the gang? Then I have exciting news for you—Netflix has optioned a brand new series of the popular '90s children's show, The Magic School Bus. One potential drawback, though—the new Bus 360 is all bells and whistles and computerized graphics.

According to an article in CBC, while many are relishing the comeback of the beloved show, not everyone is pleased that it is being CGIed.

Produced by Scholastic Media, the 26 new episodes will feature "a modernized teacher . . . who will take her class on flying trips on an updated bus." And the ante has been upped on the science element of the show, to suit the times. 

Producers haven't confirmed whether Lily Tomlin will resume her role as Miss Frizzle, yet there's no doubt that this time around Frizzle will look a whole lot different.

Some fans aren't amused by the prospect of modernization:

Suzanne @dancing_arya
"First the CGI'd Franklin, then Babar and Caillou, now they're going to CGI Magic School Bus? STAY AWAY FROM MY FRIZZLE!"

Corey Atad @CoreyAtad
"The Magic School Bus in CGI with a "modernized" Ms. Frizzle? Is nothing sacred?"

The Magic School Bus doesn't look like this anymore . . .

Excited for the reprisal of The Magic School Bus

Do computerized graphics ruin classics, or should viewers simply embrace the new animation?

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Dove's #realdadmoments Ad Celebrates 'Hands On' Dads

This feel good ad by Dove is showing dads in a new light

Dove's #realdadmoments Ad Celebrates 'Hands On' Dads

dove celebrates dads

More in 'dad love' today, courtesy of Dove. The ad may only be a minute long and feature a single, solitary syllable, but after watching it your arms are sure to go goose-bumpy, nonetheless. 

Leave it to Dove to depict 27 dads in hands-on moments, being present with their children as they grow through the ages and stages. 

From tickles and swing pushes to car tows, the #realdadmoments ad shows fathers in a positive light—reflecting the shifting role of dads over recent decades.

In contrast to a survey cited in an article by Mashable, dads tend to be described in disparaging terms, like "disconnected," "bumbling," and "incompetent."

Yet, increasingly, dads are actively involved parents. And what better time for the media to start mirroring that truth than Father's Day?

"Three-quarters of dads say they are responsible for their child's emotional well-being, while only 20% of dads see this role reflected in media," reads Dove's press release. "It's time to acknowledge the caring moments of fatherhood that often go overlooked."

What do you think of #realdadmoments? Does it feel authentic to you?

Got a superhero in your life? Pay him a tribute he'll cherish. 

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