RECALL: Lea Industries Youth Beds

Side Rail Can Break

RECALL: Lea Industries Youth Beds

Health Canada, Lea Industries, and the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (US CPSC) have jointly recalled the side rails on 34 collections (91 SKUs/item numbers) of the above youth beds manufactured since 2008.

The side rail can break, causing the mattress and slat to become unstable and fall.

While only one incident was reported in Canada, 22 incidents occurred in the US, resulting in two injuries.

Please see the following item numbers with corresponding bed collection name:

  • 012-023 Haley
  • 012-024 Haley
  • 060-099 Sponge Bob Surf Club
  • 060-975 Sponge Bob Surf Club
  • 070-099 Lea Elite Zoe
  • 085-076 Home Town
  • 134-099 Lea Elite Boutique
  • 139-076 Lea Elite Logan Country
  • 139-099 Lea Elite Logan Country
  • 145-076 Lea Elite Covington
  • 145-099 Lea Elite Covington
  • 147-076 Lea Elite Hannah
  • 147-099 Lea Elite Hannah
  • 148-076 Lea Elite Retreat
  • 148-097 Lea Elite Retreat
  • 148-099 Lea Elite Retreat
  • 149-076 Lea Elite Retreat
  • 149-097 Lea Elite Retreat
  • 149-099 Lea Elite Retreat
  • 207-963C Bunks and Lofts
  • 207-963W Bunks and Lofts
  • 207-965C Bunks and Lofts
  • 207-965W Bunks and Lofts
  • 228-091 Jessica McClintock - Cherry
  • 228-094 Jessica McClintock - Cherry
  • 228-097 Jessica McClintock - Cherry
  • 237-076 Americana
  • 237-097 Americana
  • 237-099 Americana
  • 302-076 Jackson Creek
  • 302-09C Jackson Creek
  • 342-064N My Place - Maple
  • 342-076N My Place - Maple
  • 505-09L Elation
  • 590-076 My Style
  • 590-076B My Style
  • 590-076C My Style
  • 590-076M My Style
  • 590-076W My Style
  • 590-088B My Style
  • 590-088C My Style
  • 590-088M My Style
  • 590-088W My Style
  • 606-091 Emma's Treasures
  • 618-076 Austin
  • 618-975 Austin
  • 625-076 Deer Run
  • 711-076 Freetime
  • 711-091 Freetime
  • 711-097 Freetime
  • 816-076 Lea Elite Classics
  • 816-091 Lea Elite Classics
  • 816-094 Lea Elite Classics
  • 816-097 Lea Elite Classics
  • 816-975 Lea Elite Classics
  • 826-076 Lea Elite Crossover
  • 826-091 Lea Elite Crossover
  • 826-094 Lea Elite Crossover
  • 826-097 Lea Elite Crossover
  • 826-975 Lea Elite Crossover
  • 846-091 Lea Elite Rhapsody
  • 846-094 Lea Elite Rhapsody
  • 846-097 Lea Elite Rhapsody
  • 856-076 Lea Elite Expresssions
  • 856-091 Lea Elite Expresssions
  • 856-094 Lea Elite Expresssions
  • 856-097 Lea Elite Expresssions
  • 856-923 Lea Elite Expresssions
  • 856-954 Lea Elite Expresssions
  • 876-076 Lea Elite Reflections
  • 876-091 Lea Elite Reflections
  • 876-094 Lea Elite Reflections
  • 876-097 Lea Elite Reflections
  • 876-923 Lea Elite Reflections
  • 876-924 Lea Elite Reflections
  • 906-076 Dillon
  • 906-975 Dillon
  • 917-024 Midtown
  • 950-099 Nick and Funtime
  • 950-939 Nick and Funtime
  • 960-097 Tweennick
  • 960-099 Tweennick
  • 960-923 Tweennick
  • 960-924 Tweennick
  • 970-091 Teennick
  • 970-094 Teennick

Customers should immediately stop using the beds and enter the purchase order and item numbers listed on the inside of the rail on the company's website

If a given model is affected by the recall, Lea Industries will ship free replacement side rails, together with installation instructions.

From August 2008 until March 2013, approximately 4,237 beds were sold in Canada, and 59,188 in the United States.



Mom Punishes Daughter By Making Her Wear Thrift Clothes

Kaylee's New Look

Mom Punishes Daughter By Making Her Wear Thrift Clothes

If clothes make the teen, then a Utah mom's plan to punish her daughter by making her don cast-offs backfired. After 10-year-old Kaylee repeatedly bullied a classmate about her 'sleazy' wardrobe, her mother found out. But according to an article in Gawker, Kaylee remained unapologetic about her actions.

So her mother sought to teach her a lesson—by spending $50 on thrift clothing—and forcing her daughter to wear it to school for a couple of days.

But instead of learning a lesson in humility, Kaylee looked chic and pretty damn hip in both outfits: a "cranberry Peter Pan collar" and "red floral jumpsuit." 

Someone should have warned Kaylee’s mom that all the kool kids wear vintage treasures, but clearly she has an eye for standout fashion. 

Kaylee, though, was by all accounts mortified by her mother's selections (and no doubt by the gone-viral photos of her posing in the outfits).

Lesson duly noted from the fashionista: Don't be a bully “because it’s stupid and it’s mean.”

What do you think of public humiliation as punishment


New Study Confirms Dangers Of Co-Sleeping With Babies

Fivefold Increase in Risk of SIDS

New Study Confirms Dangers Of Co-Sleeping With Babies

According to an article in Science Daily, a new study has once again put into question the safety of co-sleeping. Research by London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, published in BMJ Open, found that breastfed babies sharing their parents' bed have a "fivefold increase in the risk of crib death, even if the parents do not smoke."

While the risk of cot death or sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) has previously been found to increase if parents smoke or drink, this latest study—the largest of its kind—suggests that risks still exist for co-sleeping babies under a year old.

Using cases in which parents shared a room but not a bed with babies as the control group, those who shared a bed with breastfed babies under three months old saw a fivefold increase in cot death.

Moreover, researchers claim that as many as 81 per cent of all cot deaths among babies under three months (where there is no other risk factor) could be avoided if babies did not co-sleep and that the overall risk of SIDS decreases the older a baby gets, with peak risk being between seven and 10 weeks.

"Currently in the UK more than half of cot deaths occur while a baby is sleeping in the same bed as its parents," said lead researcher Professor Bob Carpenter from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. "Though it is clear that smoking and drinking greatly increase the risk of cot death while bed sharing, our study shows that there is in fact an increased risk for all babies under three months who bed share, even if their parents do not smoke or drink."

Though babies can certainly be brought into the parental bed for comfort and feeding, Carpenter maintains that the safest place for a baby to sleep is in a cot next to the bed. "Health professionals need to make a definite stand against all bed sharing, especially for babies under 3 months."

What do you make of this study? Maybe this public awareness campaign wasn't so far-fetched, after all...