The Surrealist Jewelry Designer

Love it or Loathe it?

The Surrealist Jewelry Designer

If you want to get people talking, all you need is to start wearing jewelry by Londoner Percy Lau. The second-year jewelry design student, who is to accessories what Dali was to painting, has created miniature body parts as accessories. 

Picture a tiny ear worn as an earring, a mouth, a nose, even a penis. 

"My inspirations come to me in a split second and if I like it, I make it," said Lau. "I base my designs on 'having a laugh,' so that might be a reason why I come up with weird things."

While many find her creations quirky, many more are 'grossed out' by the eerie (no pun) concept. Lau, who uses a type of clay called super sculpey, fashioned an ear brooch because people "need to listen more."

Her quirky body part line, which also includes items like 3D glasses and a bracelet made out of tiny Mao, is available for sale on Etsy and ranges between $24-$42.

Icky or inspired? Would you wear this jewelry?



RECALL: Chicco Polly High Chairs

Laceration Risk

RECALL: Chicco Polly High Chairs

Health Canada, ISIS Inc., and the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (US CPSC) have jointly recalled the Chicco Polly single phase, Chicco Polly double phase and Chicco Polly 2-1 high chairs made before November 2010: 

Polly® Single Phase

  • 6376554

Polly® Double Phase

  • 6380302 
  • 6380322
  • 6380326
  • 6380346 
  • 6380347
  • 6380358
  • 6380377 
  • 6380379
  • 6380396

Polly® 2-1

  • 6380349
  • 6380365 
  • 6380368
  • 6380378
  • 6380397

If the tray is not being stored on the pegs of the back legs of the high chair, children may fall on or against the pegs, posing a bruising or a laceration hazard.

While no incidents have been reported in Canada, in the U.S. Artsana Group and the US CPSC have received 21 reports of incidents, four of which involved stitches and one child sustaining a scratched cornea. 

Customers are advised to store the tray on the pegs when not in use and to contact ISIS Inc. to order a free repair kit. 

For further information, customers may contact Isis Inc. toll-free at 1-800-667-4111 or visit the company's website

From August 2005 to January 2012, approximately 30,690 of the recalled high chairs were sold in Canada. 


Town Designates 'Easy' Parking Spaces for Women Drivers

'Men are a Little Better at Such Challenges'

Town Designates 'Easy' Parking Spaces for Women Drivers

The world of motoring is reeling with stereotypes. Men drive too fast and need to be told to slow down by a sexpot. While women are bad drivers who apparently need bigger parking spaces.  

The German town of Triberg is putting the law where its mouth is, designating parking spots by gender. Seriously. 

The new spaces are similarly designated as handicapped spots. Women get the easy ones, while men are "steered toward the tighter, less convenient spots, with pillars and tight corners," which are more difficult to manoeuvre. 

“As a rule,” Mayor Gallus Strobel told a local German paper, translated by an article in Euronews, “men are a little better at such challenges.”

Strobel acknowledges the gesture is a shameless publicity stunt, aimed at courting tourists. 

The irony? A study that surveilled 700 British parking lots for a month found that, though it took women longer to park, they actually did a more accurate job of it. So there, Strobel. The women  of Triberg can bear that factoid in mind with all the extra time they clock dashing in and out of their easy spaces in town.

Fun or fundamentally wrong?