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Safety Advisory: IKEA VYSSA Crib Mattresses

Entrapment Hazard

Mattress Recall

Health Canada has issued a safety warning regarding IKEA VYSSA crib mattresses from supplier 21905 with a date stamp of 1418 (YYWW) or earlier (details found on mattress label).

While no injuries were sustained, Health Canada has received one report—and IKEA has received five—of a gap between VYSSA VACKERT crib mattresses, posing a potential entrapment risk for infants.

Crib mattresses should fit snugly, with only a narrow gap between the mattress and the crib’s edges. Customers are advised to check VYSSA mattresses and to contact IKEA for an exchange or full refund if there is a gap greater than 3 cm between the mattress and the side/end of the bed.

In order to obtain an accurate measurement, unpack and allow a new mattress to air for 72 hours. Remove all bedding, including fitted sheets, then push the mattress into the corners of the crib.

For more information, customers should contact IKEA Canada toll-free at 1-800-661-9807 or visit IKEA's website.

Since 2010, 60,472 VYSSA crib mattress were sold at IKEA stores across Canada and online.

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