Mineral Make Up VS Traditional Make Up

What's So Special About Minerals

Mineral Make Up VS Traditional Make Up

Some time ago I wrote about this very topic and recently I was asked to clarify the difference between Mineral make up and Traditional make up.

The most important thing to understand is that Mineral make up is not special because of what it contains but rather what it does not contain.

Mineral Make Up

Talc-Free - light reflecting

No Wax Filler - durable

Oil-Free - won't clog pores

Fragrance-Free - safe for all skin

No Coal Tar Dyes - non petroleum base     

Traditional Make Up

Contains Talc - light absorbing; make up looks dull

Contains Wax - poor durability; make up needs constant touch up

Oil Base - causes skin congestion

Heavy Perfumes - responsible for 90% of known allergies to make up

Coal Tart Dyes - derived from petroleum and very volatile

With just the exclusion of just a few ingredient categories mineral make up can offer products that are:

 10 times safer than traditional make up

 Water resistant for up to 80 minutes

 Safe for all skin types

 Anti bacterial and anti inflammatory

 Can be applied after any esthetics or medical procedure


Daniel Thompson in Person

Meet the Beauty Buster! One Last Time in 2012

Daniel Thompson in Person

Once again this is your chance to meet the Beauty Buster live and in person.

This will be my last set of appearances for the 2012 season and I will not be back out there, to see all of you, until spring of next year.

Remember all of these events are free to attend and I will personally meet with any member of the public who books an appointment. In my studio these appointments are usually $250 but when you attend any of the listed events you get the full Beauty Busted experience absolutely free! I am happy to answer any and all your questions about cosmetics and cosmetics formulas as well as create a personalized look just for you.


November 7 - Toronto, Ontario

Andrews 55 Avenue Road 416 969 9991

This special event has all sorts of goodies for you—free gift cards, free Daniel Thompson Beauty products and a full champagne reception!  


November 9 - Ottawa, Ontario

Terra20 Pinecrest Shopping Centre 1 855 837 7220

The Make Up Bag Detox Event! Bring in your make up and learn what the various ingredients are and what they do on your skin. This is a must-not-miss event.


November 15 - Whitby, Ontario

Orchid Salon and MediSpa 24 Princess Street 905 655 2424

Learn the latest look for the autumn/winter season. A complete one-on-one make up lesson with me!


December 6 - Toronto, Ontario

Andrews 55 Avenue Road 416 969 9991

Get ready for all your holiday parties—this is all about glam and glitter!  


December 19 - Gatineau, Québec

Studio 157  348 rue Main 819 663 8387

Learn all about minerals and how they work on the skin. Also learn how to create your best holiday look in under two minutes!



Eco Cosmetics

Fact Separated From Fiction

Eco Cosmetics

Recently I gave an interview at Terra20 about eco cosmetics and how to actually find quality products when shopping.

A lot of the information I have mentioned before, both in person and on this blog, and it is all still important.

Below is an abridged version of the interview and you can read the entire, in depth version for more detail.


Are "eco cosmetics" organic?

No, they are not. None of them. Based on many variables, not the least of which is the law, cosmetics are never organic. They can be healthier choices and contain natural ingredients but they are never organic. Any advertising to the contrary is misleading.


If you had to pick the biggest myth you hear today, what would it be?

More money means better quality. It’s completely untrue. That said, it doesn’t mean that cheaper is just as good. This is one of the things I really want people to understand: There are good products and bad products made by every company at every price point in every retail store. The trick is to become an informed consumer and understand the ingredients that are listed on the package so you can make the best decision based on health, eco-friendliness, budget and realistic expectations of results.


What two quick makeup tips can you offer?

My number one beauty tip? That would be to always, always, always wear sunscreen. That is the number one beauty secret—protect your skin. And the second thing is, don’t be afraid to experiment. Makeup is supposed to be fun.


Terra20 is hosting an amazing event in November to help women find healthier choice cosmetics. The event is called "Detox Your Make Up Bag" and will be hosted by yours truly. One lucky attendee will also have the opportunity to have a personal 1 on 1 appointment with me. If you are in the Ottawa area this is an event well worth attending!