Did Beauty Advice From Dr. Phillipe Allouche Miss The Mark?

A breakdown of the advice dispensed by the owner of Biologique Recherche

Did Beauty Advice From Dr. Phillipe Allouche Miss The Mark?

Did Beauty Advice From Dr. Phillipe Allouche Miss The Mark?

Dr. Allouche is the owner and second generation formulator for the luxury French cosmetics company Biologique Recherche.

The company was founded in 1978 by his father and it has been one the most exclusive brands available in the market place. A single month of over the counter skin care starts at $2600. A full year of home care products will run at over $31,000!

Their claim to fame is their long list of celebrity clients including Madonna, Sharon Stone and Brad Pitt. Also all skin care is custom made to order for each client.

All that said, the formulations are pretty run of the mill using ingredients found in any number of high end brands.

This is not a product review, however. This is actually a breakdown of the beauty advice dispensed by the formulator himself.  

1. Always apply face creams in an upward motion to fight the effects of gravity.

FALSE - The implication here is that gravity causes skin to sag. This little nugget of beauty advice is as scientifically sound as brushing your hair 100 times a day will make it thicker (yep, that was a very popular beauty tip in the early 1900's). Skin sagging is caused by chronological age. Quite simply as we age the subcutaneous fat is depleted naturally. This fat is what makes the skin look plump and firm in our youth.  As this fat is depleted the skin pulls away from the muscle losing its tone and "firmness." No amount of upward motion massage will restore the depleted fat cells.


2. Never steam the skin it causes damage.

FALSE - Steam actually helps the skin repair itself.  When the skin is exposed to low temperature steam three things happen at the same time:  

a) A thermo-regulating body response is triggered forcing the skin into homeostasis

b) Blood vessels dilate causing an increase in circulation

c) The increased circulation causes an uptake in oxygen in the skin tissue which stimulates the healing process and infection fighting capabilities; at the same time the blood flow increases nutrient uptake to the skin tissue which provides a host of benefits including colour correction and hydration


3. Avoid intense exfoliation such as lasers; they harm the skin.

FALSE - Laser exfoliation is one of the safest and most precise ways to exfoliate the skin. Laser exfoliation can treat acne, scarring and a multitude of skin conditions including calcification and hyperpigmentation. Lasers are proven to be safe and effective. In fact they do the opposite of damaging the skin, they improve it measurably.


4. Never do extractions.

TRUE - Extractions should not be performed at home. This procedure should only be done by a highly trained professional to avoid bruising and damaging the skin. When done correctly they can remove infections, clean pores and help de-crust the surface of the skin. But that is only when done properly. Most people do not have the equipment at home to do extractions safely.


Meet Daniel Thompson In Person

The Beauty: BUSTER! Is On Tour

Meet Daniel Thompson In Person

Here is the time you have all been waiting for: my semi-annual Canadian Tour!

Without a doubt this is my favourite part of my job. I love travelling to the various cities and meeting all of you.

To those who have attended past events: thank you and I hope I see you this year. For those of you who have not yet had a chance to attend a DTB Event and meet me in person, here is your opportunity!

When you book a personal one-on-one appointment at any of these events you will receive a 30-minute, sit-down consultation with me where I will answer all your beauty questions and, of course, create a make up look just for you.

In my Toronto studio this would be a $250 service but at these events you get to experience the Beauty: BUSTED! philosophy free of charge.

This season I have created a colour shattering collection called Mineral Kaleidoscope. Inspired by one of the most simple yet ingenious children's toys this collection expresses my intrigue with how light can be broken into visible colour. With every turn of the mirrors the same colours are made new and transfix the gaze. I wanted to take the simplicity, of such a concept, and create a palette of colours that could be fun.

Deep, rich jewel tones reflect their inner prism and represent themselves in new ways depending on the light, the time of day and the outfit with which they are paired.

Mineral Kaleidoscope is my interpretation of the simple beauty of colour pushed through rich light; mixed and matched to create mesmerizing combinations.

I am personally showcasing this new collection at only 10 locations this autumn. Be sure to call and reserve your personal appointment right away.

August 26 - Details Garden Spa, Woodstock Ontario 519-536-9800

September 8 - Daya Spa, Ottawa Ontario 613-244-4333

September 10 - The Loft Urban Salon, Ottawa Ontario 613-232-0202

September 11 & 12 - Terra20, Ottawa Ontario 1-855-837-7220

September 16 - Allison's Salon, Charlottetown Prince Edward Island 902-566-1141

September 17 - Salon 12, Charlottetown Prince Edward Island 902-566-4780

September 18 - Soft Touch Esthetics, St. John New Brunswick 506-343-7939

September 19 - Sue Lawrence Salon, Fredericton New Brunswick 506-457-2922

November 4 - Viva Le Glitz, Oshawa Ontario 905-242-0602


Also for all our fans who are in areas where DTB products are not available at a local retailer we are proud to announce our best selling items are now available at — free shipping, nationwide customer service and the exact same pricing found in our retail stores.


Rich Colour, Shimmering Light: Autumn 2014 Makeup Trends

Will you try any of these new beauty/style trends?

Rich Colour, Shimmering Light: Autumn 2014 Makeup Trends

Autumn is only two weeks away!

Well, at least in the world of fashion it is two weeks away.  

With all the new clothing looks now in stores, the new makeup trends are right around the corner. Expect to see major releases from all the major brands starting August 22.

The Fashion Low Down:


Over flowing capes (pictured here is from the Chloe)

Lux furs (pictured here is from Marc Jacobs) 

Streamlined plaids (pictured here is from Vera Wang)

Slouch boots (pictured here is from Opening Ceremony)

The Makeup Low Down:


 Rich eye shadows

 Shimmering, bright lips

 Long extended eye lashes

 Juxtaposed colours

My Personal Favourites This Year:


Estee Lauder: This collection takes all the glamour of runway fashion and presents it in a wearable, uptown New York statement. Perfect for anyone who wants the current look, but a softer, more subdued version.

YSL Beaute: True runway style. Everything is intensely applied, creating a full, in-your-face effect. Perfect for anyone who wants the trend at its most literal translation.

Lancome: This collection easily combines the flare of pure runway with the wearability of everyday makeup. Everything is on point and nothing is obtrusive or overdone. Perfect for anyone who wants fashion, but needs it to be acceptable for office wear.

Next up: Meet Dan Thompson in person! My autumn tour begins on August 25. I will be making appearances in 10 retail stores in 6 cities. The list of locations will be published this week.

Hot Makeup Trend: The Must-Have Product For The Season!

How To Get Lush Lashes With Brown Mascara.