Green Beaver Sunscreen - Review

A Superior Sunscreen

Green Beaver Sunscreen - Review

Green Beaver Sunscreen has to be one of the best products to come across my desk this season.

I am a huge proponent of sunscreen and good sun protection practices and yet I am often very disappointed with the sunscreens on the market.

I receive the press pack for Green Beaver Sunscreen and immediately got excited.

This formula is everything a sunscreen should be.

Green Beaver Sunscreen $19.99 for 90mL – look for this product in health food stores and at Whole Foods.

1. High level physical block (21% Zinc Oxide) provides full UVA and UVB protection.

2. Rich in moisturizers so the product will restore the skin while protecting it.

3. Fragrance free so safe for around the eyes.

4. Biologically active Vitamin E compound included to protect against free radical damage.

1. Slightly oily when first applied – it takes time to absorb so make up cannot be applied immediately.

2. Leaves a slight sheen on the skin so oily skin types may want to apply powder over the top.

3. Two versions – one for adults and one for kids – are the exact same formula so consumers may end up buying two products when they only need one.

Overall – an excellent formula for the whole family that really delivers excellent protection. While it is not at the local drugstore it is certainly worth the special trip to the health food store for such a superior sunscreen!


Retail Shopping for Cosmetics

Differernt Stores - Different Approaches

Retail Shopping for Cosmetics

I was at a party the other day and someone asked me what is the big difference between all the different types of stores that sell name brand cosmetics.

Some facts:

1. There is no difference in the quality or safety of name brand products sold at department stores vs. discount stores. Example: Elizabeth Arden products sold at The Bay are the same products sold at Costco.

2. Products sold at off market retailers are supplied by the same companies that supply regular market retailers. Example: Chanel products at Shoppers Drug Mart are sold by the same supplier that sells to Winners.

3. Discounted products are not expired, bad or in any way faulty. They usually are just overstock the supplier needs to get rid off quickly.

Main differences in shopping channels:

Department Stores – offer a higher level of expertise, personal service and always have the full range of products, by brand, available. Usually a department store will have some kind of exclusive offer unavailable anywhere else. The staff are better trained, usually.

Drug Store – staff are trained on every line offered so the expertise can be diluted and often the drug stores will only offer the best selling items from a line. Additionally the personal service is a slightly lower standard as the staff to customer ratio is small.

Big Box Discount Stores – no service and great deals. This is a good option to buy products you know and like but a poor one to try a new product that you are unfamiliar with.

Off Market – best prices but limited and inconsistent selection. Scoop deals when you see them but don’t expect to find your favourite product regularly. Off market retailers offer what they can, when they can and their supply chains change all the time.

Next week – I start a new series on all the hot new skincare items launched for Spring 2011 – what works, what does not, what to buy and what to avoid!


Review: Philosophy Hope In A Jar

Another Beauty: BUSTED! Review

Review: Philosophy Hope In A Jar

@boredmommy tweeted @yummymummyclub asking me to review Philosophy Hope in a Jar. As always I am glad to let you know the real deal on any and all cosmetics.

Hope in a Jar - $49 for 60mL
A good all-purpose product offering the benefits of great moisturizer combined with skin conditioning and repairing ingredients. While all excellent qualities the actual ingredients are found in many similar products from various brands. Hope in a Jar does not offer anything unique from a formulation point of view.


1. Gentle exfoliator, included in the formula, for elimination of flakey, dry skin.

2. Antioxidant protection with Vitamin E.

3. Lots of lipid identical moisturizers to offer cushion and moisture.

4. Great water binding ingredients for instant hydration.

5. Two great skin conditioners to offer long lasting comfort.

6. Inclusion of amino acids to stimulate skin repair, which is great for environmental dehydration and irritation.


1. Resin added to the formula could feel sticky and cause clogged pores.

2. Irritating essential oils could cause problems for highly damaged or sensitive skin types – watch out for a possible mild burning or tingling sensation.


A good formula, if slightly over priced for what it offers, while there are some definite draw backs for most people this is a good choice for basic hydration and skin repair.

Less expensive option – available at Sephora (the main retailer of Philosophy products in Canada) is the Sephora Collection Instant Moisturizer  ($20 for 50mL) with many identical/interchangeable ingredients this formula offers identical benefits for a lot less money (mL for mL it is 52% less expensive).

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