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The Most Honest Reaction to "New Baby" News We've Seen

Little Boy Thinks It's All "Too Much;" Fears Replacement

little boy not happy about sibling news

Well, that was quite the week wasn't it? We talked about grouchy neighbours, a gun-related tragedy, and a bit of good 'ole National outrage when our main drug of choice was threatened. All this and we're already weary from battling crowds through half-empty racks of school supplies searching for the last "Frozen" pencil case. I ended our new-shoe-No.2 pencil-lined-paper-yet-another-new-water-bottle extravaganza by doing donuts in the mall parking lot singing "We Don't Need No Education" at full volume. My steely-eyed children sat silently in the backseat and together forged a secret deal to commit me to the lowest-ranked elder care home they could find once the time comes.

In other words, the last week of summer vacation is rarely the best for anyone, so it's not just you. We are in this together, parents.

On that note, let's close August up with some brevity, shall we?

Here's a funny video which captures one of life's most precious occasions — the moment you tell your other children there's another baby on the way. It can be a real bonding experience when all the family is in on the excitement. That's probably exactly what Shanee Gibson Hart of Washington was thinking when she decide to film her two children while giving them the "new baby" news. Hart's son, Tre, cannot contain his feelings and this emotional video gets right to the heart of it:

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say I bet many adults have a similar internal dialogue when they found out "new baby" news.

My advice for Hart's son is to rest easy. From what I know about the "rule of "threes" — at least as it pertains to babies — he probably has nothing to worry about. Third children are generally laid-back and easily placated. Although he should keep in mind that this is purely conjecture on my part; I wasn't brave enough to make it past baby #2, or, as he was called in our family, "The Scream that Poops."

For those who still feel at the end of your rope this time of year — this "exasperating" time of the year — repeat after me: three more days... three more days... three more days...three mor...

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