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Why Giving Birth At A Conference Might Not Be A Bad Thing

Why Labour Can't Keep Me From Attending This Conference

Why Giving Birth At A Conference Might Not Be A Bad Thing

Attending BlissDom Canada 2013 was a turning point for me in my blogging, shareable content, and social media journey.

BlissDom Canada 2013 was the conference equivalent of taking the red Matrix pill. The experience showed me a brilliant and giving creative community that I didn't even realize existed. These people—the speakers and attendeesare creating the viral and meaningful content that I was reading and sharing every single day. Once you know they existand that BlissDom existsit's something you can’t un-know.

I am currently in my 8th month of pregnancy, and this year's BlissDom Canada conference falls one week before my expected due date with my second child.

This could mean a very exciting year for my fellow BlissDom attendees. Will I start hypnobirthing and J-breathing during the much-anticipated Advanced Media Training workshop? Come to the conference to find out!

In all honesty, giving birth at BlissDom wouldn’t actually be the worst thing I can think of. In fact, there would be more than one upside.

Here are the five reasons I hope this baby arrives during BlissDom Canada 2014:

1) Mabel’s Label’s Maven Julie Colea mom of sixwill be a speaker at BlissDom this year. I'm feeling confident that she can show me how to squeeze this human out of me in less than thirty minutes, and then return to looking fabulous and starting my own family-friendly empire. BlissDom speakers are truly top-tier.

2) Yummy Mummy Club Founder, Erica Ehm, was found conducting participant interviews with BlissDom attendees throughout the weekend of BlissDom 2013. She brings her own cameraman with great lighting, so my post-birth interview is bound to be the stuff that viral media is made of. (Note to Erica: please allow me to put pants back on before we begin the interview). BlissDom VIPs are accessible, making the "exclusive" feel "inclusive."

That's just SleepCountry Canada President, Christine Magee, and Me hanging out. No big deal.

3) BlissDom organizers and sponsors provide THE BEST food and snacks, which will be perfect for post-labour recovery. With Tim Horton’s running a delectable doughnut station last year, I’m looking forward to a hot mugga something and a carb-n-sugar pick-me-up after the baby comes out. I see they are listed as a sponsor again this year! BlissDom sponsors REALLY bring it. You'll need an empty duffel bag for all of your freebies and brand connections.

4) Labour and delivery photos from brilliant bloggers, like Melissa Gaston and Ali Martell, will be better than any studio shoot! I attended a wonderfully helpful session for blog-photo newbies at BlissDom 2013, and my thumb hasn't been featured in any of my blog photos since. The BlissDom microsessions are hands-on helpful.

5) BlissDom brings together the best storytellers from around the country. I couldn’t ask to have more talented writers on-hand to cover the action with humour, suspense, horror, and touching humanity. If labour does start during this year's conference, then I'm sure to help provide some seriously viral material for some of the country's best content creators. BlissDom attendees are some of the most brilliant creators I've ever met.

While ACTUALLY going into labour at BlissDom is likely more drama than I am hoping for, I would truly be disappointed if this year's conference passed through Mississauga without my having attended. The people, the information, the connections, and the community are unlike any other conference I have ever attended. There is a reason they call it BlissDom.

"Bliss"hmmmmm, not a bad choice for a girl's name . . . 

Getting organized to head to BlissDom—check out how you can attend FOR FREE this year! Or, find out why BlissDom changed this fellow Yummy Mummy's life.