Playing Dress-Up Starts at Age Five

And Never Truly Ends—Kate Spade

Playing Dress-Up Starts at Age Five


Come closer. Closer. GACK! A little too close. I haven't put on any makeup yet today. 

So, some of you may already know who I am from my personal blog that's a Seinfeld-style mashup of a little bit of nothing. I write about my kids, my passion for crappy television, and the ridiculous things that seem to always happen to me. Or, you may know me from, because, I am, after all, this site's new(ish) editor, which means that I am a part of making all the daily magic happen around here. 

But I am ridiculously, unreasonably, over-the-top excited about this new space over here.

I should tell you up front that I am not an expert of any kind in the fashion world, and there will always be people who wear it better, know it better, and just do it better. And I should tell you that I have opinions. I am fully against white pants. I am against wearing leggings as pants. I think no one should ever leave the house in flannel pajamas pants. I think that crop tops should be set on fire. 

But I love looking at clothing, shoes, jewels, accessories—I love everything about them. Feeling the fabrics, trying things on, buying the perfect black pencil skirt. 

I love stripes, coloured skinny jeans, vintage glasses, shirt dresses, black t-shirts, cardigans, 1960s style, trench coats, belts, bow blouses, toile, statement necklaces, white sunglasses, lululemon reverse groove yoga pants, turquoise pumps. 

I buy some pieces that are expensive. I buy some pieces at Target. Actually—many, many pieces. 

I love a good deal. 

I love to pin pretty pieces on Pinterest

I believe this statement to be true.

Playing Dress-Up

I am Annie Edison meets Emma Pillsbury meets Jackie Kennedy meets Trudy Campbell meets Blair Waldorf meets Audrey Hepburn meets Betty Draper meets Rachel Bilson meets Rachel Berry meets Kate Middleton. At least in my head

I hope you'll stick around. 

Images: AMC and ache