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What Does A Bikini-Ready Body Look Like?

Women Hold Bikini Rally In Support Of Mocked Beach Mom

In a refreshing show of solidarity, a gaggle of moms donned their bikinis in downtown Edmonton in support of an Edmonton woman whose mom-body was recently shamed by a bunch of "young people." 

According to an article in Huffington Post, Tanis Jex-Blake posted an open missive on Facebook, calling out the kids who ridiculed her mom-of-five body on a local beach, calling her "nasty" and "gross."

In allegiance to Jex-Blake, an estimated two dozen women rallied together—many of whom haven't been caught dead wearing two-piece swimwear since giving birth.  

This, friends, is the real meaning of bikini-ready.

Spill it: are you bold enough to be photographed in a bikini?

Because sometimes a billboard just demands for graffiti.