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This Baby's Reaction To Katy Perry Song Is Pure Gold

So much for The Wiggles

Does your bub have a favourite song or, conversely, a song that sends them into inexplicable fits of tears every time? The baby girl in this video is feeling pretty cranky until, that is, a certain Katy Perry song comes on the car stereo.

Once this little cutie hears the opening bars—notwithstanding that the song is "Dark Horse," and notwithstanding those rumours about Katy being a Satanist—those chubby legs can't seem to help pumping. There's some serious roof-raising going on. And oh oh oh, check out that mouth!

It's a perk-me-up Friday, courtesy of Right This Minute.

What is it about kids and Katy Perry, anyway?

This kid is the epitome of awesome—apparently.