lululemon Ambassador Summit

My Big Week Ahead

lululemon Ambassador Summit

This coming week is a big one for me. On Monday I get on a plane to Vancouver and then carry on to Whistler to attend the 2011 lululemon Ambassador Summit. I will join the other 120 invitees in yoga and fitness classes, goal-setting seminars, and attend networking events and workshops. And, of course there are a few social events thrown in there too. I’ve had a fantastic relationship with lululemon over the years and I am proud to be an Ambassador for the company this year. But being nominated and chosen to go to the Summit means so much to me, particularly right now, at this point in my life.

It’s just big. Big. Big. Big.


1. Yoga - I get to do a yoga class every day! Woohoo! Sure, I teach yoga every day in my work, I have my own home yoga practice, and I go to as many classes as I can, but with two children under five – both of whom like to get up early – I rarely get to attend a morning yoga class. Knowing that I will start each day with a full yoga class (led by someone else, at that!) makes my heart sing with happiness.

2. Business Development
– The chance to spend three whole days learning about and talking business – including where I am right now, and where I want to go from here – is a HUGE gift for me. Being self-employed, I really try to put aside one afternoon a month for business development, goal-setting, planning, and evaluating. But, more often than not - between juggling my yoga/Pilates teaching practice, my freelance writing gigs and creative projects, my two young kids, our household, my volunteer work and all the other things that keep me occupied on a daily basis – that “afternoon” of business development gets whittled down or eliminated entirely. So, being given THREE DAYS to learn and network, attend leadership panels, goal-setting seminars and a number of other business development workshops (without worrying about groceries, meal-planning, bath-time, school/daycare pickup, the family calendar, oh, and work admin) is mind-blowing. BRING IT ON!

3. Alone Time
- I’m pretty good at taking small breaks for myself during the week to rejuvenate and stay grounded, but the flight to and from Vancouver will give me five full hours of time to myself. Knowing that I will have this free time – both on the way to Vancouver and on the way back – is glorious. The possibilities are endless. I might watch a movie. I might read. I might journal uninterrupted for hours on end. I might read a book from cover to cover. I might … do nothing.

4. The People - I love meeting new people. I am inspired in new situations where I can make new friends and expand my network of business contacts. The Ambassadors attending the Summit are from all over North America and beyond. They are leaders and innovators in health, fitness and wellness. Some of the attendees I already know of through the yoga world, some I’ve connected with online since being invited to the Summit. Some are my celebrities of the yoga, health and fitness worlds. To meet and network with this group of people – each of whom has similar interests and has created his/her own unique brand - is bound to be an incredible experience.

5. Whistler
– I’ve never been! I lived in Vancouver for a brief stint right out of university, but I never made it to Whistler. Also, my husband lived in Whistler -in staff housing and in a tiny apartment above Armchair Books- for a summer during undergrad. (And I’ve heard the stories of that summer many times…) I haven’t skied since high school, so I won’t be hitting the slopes in the brief time I’m there, but I am really looking forward to soaking up the beauty of the landscape and experiencing some of what Whistler has to offer.

So, there it is. Why the week ahead is big, very big. For all of these reasons, I write this with a churning stomach, with butterflies, and a big grin on my face. And I can’t wait to share my experiences with you.