DIY Instagram Canvas

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DIY Instagram Canvas

I am obsessed with instagram. I love how the filters and the square shape instantly makes photos pretty. They are perfect for DIY projects too {what's not really?} I used instagram photos to create a few fun pieces of canvas art.

The art could not be easier. 

I made the canvas for an event I hosted for the launch of the new Brother Business Smart Printer and I also shared it on my last Cityline segment. The photo below gives you a better idea of the scale. I love the oversized deep canvas.

I think it is pretty fantastic, don't you? I love that it acts as a reminder of an amazing summer holiday in Nova Scotia.

What you need:

-deep set canvas {you can use a regular canvas as well}
-mod podge and paint brush
-printed photos 
-paint and paint brush

How to:

-Cut out each photo.
-Place them on the canvas and rearrange them until you are happy with the layout.
-Trim any pieces that are hanging over the edges.
-Apply mod podge to the canvas. If you are working with a small canvas, you can cover all of it. However, when working with a large one, cover only the area needed for one photo at a time. It dries quickly!
-Place each photo over the mod podged section. Carefully smooth it in place. Continue with every photo. 
-Wait until the mod podge is completely dry, then apply a coat of mod podge over the entire piece. Do not worry if some small spots of the photos start to bubble, when the mod podge dries, they will go away. 

If you want a simplier project, create an instagram canvas using a single photo, such as this one I created using a photo of my summer dresses. The process is the same as above. Anther fun idea is to create a wall of mini instagram canvases, like the two on the right:

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How to Create a Colourful Home Office

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How to Create a Colourful Home Office

I created my dream home office on my latest Cityline segment. It is a space with happy and soothing colours and personal, inspirational touches. I love the pop of orange against the soft blue.

Wouldn't you love an office like this? Here is how you can get the look from CB2. Happy shopping! 

1. 3.14 white bookcase: 549.00
2. parlour atomic orange chair: $799.00
3. yolo rug: 449.00
4. square orange wall clock: $59.99
5. ska pillow: 39.95
6. carpenter bright orange lamp: 79.99
7. stick around side chair: 349.00
8. go-cart orange desk: 169.00
9. criss knit pouf: $199.00

The adorable Princess and the Pea art print on the wall behind the desk is from Minted. I love it, and the meaning it holds for me, so much!

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DIY Instagram Coasters

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DIY Instagram Coasters

Bring your instagram photos off your phone and show them off by turning them into coasters. This is such an easy DIY project and will add instant cool factor to any table.


-4x4 bronze tiles
-photos printed on photo paper
-mod podge
-paint brush

How To:

-Coat each tile with mod podge.
-Place the photo on top of each tile and smooth in place. 
-Allow to dry for an hour or so. You may want to add a weight on top of it while it dries to keep it in place. A book works well.
-Cover the entire surface of the tile with mod podge.

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