There's No Excuse for an Unsafe Vehicle

Because you just never know what will happen today

There's No Excuse for an Unsafe Vehicle

Transport truck rollover
I'm never one to be like Chicken Little – the sky is falling, etc. I'm also not the type to fear the worst in every situation, preparing for doomsday. We are not the kind of auto repair shop to use scare tactics, or the typical “would you put your wife/kids in that car” line. But we do come across clients every now and again who leave our shop, fully acknowledging that they are driving an unsafe vehicle and not wanting any repairs done. They usually tell us that they're safe drivers or they haven't experienced any issues yet, and shrug it off. 
Car unsafe stamp
I want to make it very clear that when a client decides that they don't want to repair their unsafe vehicle, they are not only endangering themselves but they are also putting others on the road at risk. We, as auto repair technicians, are concerned about your ability to maintain control of the vehicle in an emergency situation. 
The fact that no one was seriously injured is a MIRACLE. This was during rush hour and anyone in the GTA knows that Toronto traffic is horrendous. We are jam-packed on the highway like sardines. None of those motorists woke up that morning, predicting that they would be confronted with a transport truck landing in their path. 
Transport truck rollover overview
Consider this... is your car safe enough for you to make emergency manoeuvres? If you had to swerve to avoid an accident, would you oversteer? Is your suspension system able to handle the sudden weight transfer in an emergency situation? Are your brakes or tires in good condition so you won't need extra stopping distance? 
Transport truck rollover
You may be a perfectly good driver, but you can't control the other drivers around you. That's one reason why I hope you're not the type to shrug off safety-related repair and regular vehicle maintenance. If you can't afford to maintain and repair your car, you should definitely help keep our roads safe and re-consider owning a vehicle. 
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The 10 Strangest Car Accessories You'll Ever See

You won't believe #10!

The 10 Strangest Car Accessories You'll Ever See


Everyone loves personalizing their vehicles; we spend so much time in our cars commuting, running errands... stuck in traffic! Why wouldn’t we want to make our vehicles represent ourselves as much as possible? Unless you take it too far! We’ve found some of the craziest, weirdest, and just plain awful accessories you could find for your vehicle. My service advisor and I looked into some accessories - these are definitely ones that we don't approve of! 

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1. Vehicle-Tent Combo

Car Accessory Tent

Sure, a tent in your trunk – creative, but isn’t the whole point of camping “roughing it.” I don’t think a tent attached to your car qualifies as enjoying the outdoors! Why does the tent have to be attached to the car?!

2. Fake Bullet Holes

Car Accessory bullet holes

Bullet holes in your car... really?! I’m not sure you’d be sending the right message about yourself to even HAVE bullet holes in your car, but then to have FAKE bullet holes? Hmm... keep on driving!

3. Facial Hair

Car Accessory eyelashes  

Car Accessory carstaches

A cute nickname for your ride is sweet, but adding some fake eyelashes to Betty or a mustache (not mentioning the hot pink colour) to Oliver might just be pushing it. Facial hair on a car is a no-no in our books!


4. Upgrade Your Fragrance

Car Accessory dashmount fragrance

This accessory isn't so bad - just a bit of a 'high maintenance' move. No one likes a foul smelling car, so a built in perfume diffuser was the obvious answer. Those clip-on air fresheners from the department store were just not cutting it...


5. Coffee Maker

Car Accessory coffee maker

Who needs a Tim Horton’s drive-thru when you can make it on the go. I forsee scolding hot accidents, and the new law “No Making Coffee & Driving,” as if that even needs to be said.


6. Sounds Like a Sports Car


Car Accessory Vroominator

The name says it all, “The Vroominator.” This creative (aka annoying) little device fills the interior of the cabin with the sounds of a V8 sports car! It synchronizes to the vehicle’s alternator to match the acceleration. What's the silver lining? It’s only audible inside the car.


7. Wind-Up Key

Car accessory Wind-up Key

    Maybe this winding accessory is cute is some books but we think it's tacky. They even have some which actually turn while you're driving to make it look like it's winding the car. Oh, wait – maybe if you match it with the Vroominator, that might top the 'tacky' chart!


    8. Disco-On-The-Go

    Car Accessory speaker lights

      Colour-changing speakers synced to the music to change according to the bass. Why? Not only does this seem distracting and dangerous, but I just imagine a disco car driving down the road at night!


      9. Incredibly Illegal Idea

      Car Accessory Car plate blocker

      This “accessory” borders the illegal line since we're pretty sure obstructing the view of your license plate in order to avoid red light cameras, or toll roads is a big no-no. Not to mention that the website disclaimer notes they do not condone the use of their product for this purpose – only for “faulty” red light or speed cameras. No thanks, we'll pass on this accessory.


      10. Can't Be Without Food

      Car Accessory PortaPizza

      Texting and driving is a dangerous habit, but can you imagine COOKING and driving?! Just in case you can't make it for take-out pizza, you can now cook one right in your car.


      Car Accessory Serving Tray

      And if you need a dedicated serving tray or french-fry holder while you drive, they've got products for that too.


      Car Accessory French Fry Holder


      We're all for accessories that help minimize distraction while you're driving. Some of these accessories just seem like they'll be contributing to more distraction than not!

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