Learn From This Mom's Scary Close Call With A Bath Chair

Always stay beside your baby when taking a bath

Learn From This Mom's Scary Close Call With A Bath Chair

safety first swivel bath seat

Mom Suzie Dyball had a terrifying close call while bathing her seven-month-old daughter, Felicity, and doesn't want the same thing to happen to other parents. 

Everything was going swimmingly when Felicity's bath chair tipped and became unbalanced, causing the baby's head to slip underwater. 

It took only seconds for her mom to free her from the Safety 1st swivel seat, during which time the infant stopped breathing. 

"I put her over my legs and hit her on the back, which got her to cough up some water, and she started breathing in gasps," recalls Dyball. 

"It was at this point I managed to dial 999 on speaker-phone ... Her eyes closed and she went a bit dopey a couple of times but then she started breathing better and came round properly."

Fortunately by the time paramedics responded to Dyball's call, Felicity was fine, albeit a bit pale. The incident rattled the mom enough for her to issue a viral warning to parents on her Facebook page:


*EDITING TO ADD THIS DISCLAIMER* This is the only article I have given permission for and spoken the the journalist...

Posted by Suzie Dyball on Sunday, August 23, 2015

Dyball claims she was using the swivel bath seat correctly (fully suctioned, with water at designated level), and is concerned about the safety of similar products on the market. 

"But when the seat tips, it does so in a way that stops the baby being able to turn their head out of the water."

Since her Facebook post, others have shared similar harrowing incidents of tipping bath seats. Some babies had to be resuscitated, others ended up in comas, some sadly died.

"The seats give a false sense of security but are clearly not stable," said Dyball.

"My warning is about not trusting the seats - if you have to use one then keep your hands on it or your baby at all times and be aware that they can tip."

Manufacturers of the Safety 1st seat confirmed their seat conforms to safety standards, but that it's not intended to be a substitute for full supervision.



The 'Star Wars' Inspired Baby Name That's On The Rise

May the baby naming force be with you...

The 'Star Wars' Inspired Baby Name That's On The Rise

This Star Wars Inspired Baby Name That's Becoming More Popular

When it comes to choosing a baby name, may the Force be with you. For some parents, settling on the perfect fit for your newborn may pit moms- and dads-to-be against each other in the ultimate galactic battle of wills. 

According to the Social Security Administration's top 1,000 names in the U.S., more and more parents are drawing their inspiration from popular TV shows and movies, including the Star Wars franchise.

Take the year 2014 for instance, in which a total of 218 babies were named Anakin.

Parents are clearly not a superstitious bunch, deciding to name their child after one of cinema's most iconic villains, none other than Darth Vader - aka Luke Skywalker’s Sith father. 

But fear not, the light wins out, with Luke remaining the 28th most popular boy name while and Leia ranked 509th most popular among girls.

Not surprisingly, Game of Thrones also earned its fair of nods last year, with 368 newborn girls named after the Mother of Dragons, Khaleesi.

Personally, naming your child after an HBO series risks becoming dated or passe. But then again, for fan girls and boys out there, it is the ultimate homage. My son's name fell in the top 20, so I'm hardly one to talk originality.

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Boyfriend Finds Amusing Way to Survive IKEA Visit

Undeniably puntastic

Boyfriend Finds Amusing Way to Survive IKEA Visit

man entertains himself with IKEA puns

Trips to IKEA can make or break a relationship. Just ask Simon Gilmore, who came up with a hysterical way to survive a recent visit to the store with his live-in girlfriend, Donna. 

The Aussie's knack for delivering the most droll puns out of IKEA product names have lent him legend status. The YouTube clip, viewed more than 5million times, is pure comedy gold. 



Though Donna becomes increasingly less TOLERANT, even she can't help but smirk her way through various attempts to get her boyfriend to stop.

Even the Australian branch of IKEA was impressed by Simon's playful linguistics:


We salute you, Simon! You are the BESTÅ at IKEA puns!

Posted by IKEA Australia on Monday, August 24, 2015


I feel for Simon. Many a good man has perished after being dragged along to the Swedish furniture giant. My own husband suffered PTSD following the purchase and install of our IKEA kitchen a couple years ago. And let's not even talk about assembly... He has not set foot inside the store parking lot since, as the memory would surely be triggering.

And not a week seems to go by without some IKEA-related recall. Still, the organizing freak in me still can't help but admire their multitude of affordable storage options.

And on that note, Donna, I must go. I've consumed too much coffee this morning and my BLADIS full.

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