How a Simple Ad Bucks Some Negative Stereotypes

Tylenol normalizes healthy co-parenting.

How a Simple Ad Bucks Some Negative Stereotypes

There has been an advertisement on TV for a while, and I keep waiting for people to talk about it. I’m very involved in the parenting space and if there have been discussions, somehow I’ve missed it. It’s an ad for a Tylenol cold medicine.

Why do I think this commercial is so special? I love how it breaks all the stereotypes of divorced parents. Often, divorced parents are portrayed as bickering and vengeful. Oh, and then there’s the money – who pays for what and if you have the kids for this amount of time, I’m only paying such and such. We are often led to believe divorced parents are driven only by money and spite.

I happen to know a lot of divorced parents and this is often not the case. So I’m delighted that a mainstream commercial bucks this negative stereotype.

As you can see, the man in the commercial receives a call and looks delighted and relieved that something good is about to happen. He takes cold medicine so he’s in top form and tidies the house in anticipation of a special visitor.

As it turns out, it was his ex-wife calling to see if he could take their child on short notice because she’s in a bind.

Here’s what went well in this short ad:

  • Mom felt comfortable calling Dad to cover for her
  • Dad didn’t say “No! It’s not my week and I’m not your babysitter”

Co-parenting is not without its challenges, but at the end of the day, you are a team working for the most important people in your lives – your kids. Many couples that are no longer together work long and hard to make sure the best interests of their children are protected.

It was refreshing to see that reflected in the media/marketing world.

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