My Top Parenting Fails of 2016 in Review

My Kids Give Their Take

My Top Parenting Fails of 2016 in Review

Parenting Fails of 2016

While many parents spend this time of year considering what they can do better next year, I like to reflect on some of my best parenting fails over the previous year. I consulted with my six humans who confirmed the list was endless, but provided me with their top three:

Parenting Fail #1

That time I had no food and no clean plates or bowls, so I gave them all pasta from a tin served up in pint glasses for dinner. 

parenting fail

Parenting Fail #2 

That time my teen daughter was flying home from a school trip. She assured all teachers and students on the plane that I would forget to pick her up at the airport. Admittedly, I was not at the airport to pick her up – but I did not forget about her. It was a simple case of an honest mix up. Regardless, everyone was able to say to her “You were right! Your mom DID forget to pick you up!”  (Worthy of pointing out - if you get to go on a school trip that involves a flight, you are not doing too badly…..forgotten at airport or not).

Parenting Fail #3 

That time my kid had pink eye, head lice, and impetigo all at the same time. I took her to the medical clinic and she said to the doctor: “It’s a really good thing that I have pink eye AND impetigo because Mom will only take us to the doctor if there are two things wrong with us, or if two or more kids are sick.” The doctor was suitably horrified, but the real parenting mistake there was that I had not appropriately taught her about “family secrets.”

OK, time to fess up: What were your major screw ups over the last year? Don’t pretend you don’t have any. We know better.

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