Do You Want a Snow Day?


Do You Want a Snow Day?

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It’s still winter time in Canada which means kids everywhere are waiting for the ever-allusive SNOW DAY. In case you didn’t know – your children are in control of whether or not school is canceled based on a whole bunch of crazy superstitions.

If your children would like a snow day, it is guaranteed to happen if they do the following on the evening before the desired snow day:

  1. Wear their pajamas to bed inside out
  2. Lick a spoon and put it under their pillow
  3. Throw some ice cubes in the toilet
  4. Brush their teeth with the opposite hand
  5. Place crayons in the freezer
  6. Tape a penny to their bedroom door

If your kids are anything like mine, they will also spend a decent amount of time inputting their postal code in the SNOW DAY PREDICTOR.

It just so happened that my kiddos actually had some success with this plan last week. Only on a snow day would they wake up bright and early ready to face the day! The little guys grabbed toboggans and went straight to the hills to meet up with the neighbourhood kids. 

Snow day fun

The Biggies grabbed shovels and took to the streets looking to make money shoveling drive-ways.

Do your kids participate in any crazy routines or superstitions?

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