Meet 5 Inspiring Young Women


Meet 5 Inspiring Young Women


These are the girls who inspire me everyday!

It recently occurred to me that I’m surrounded by really inspiring young people. When I think about some of the incredible young women I know, I can get pretty overwhelmed at the thought of all the amazing things they are up to! Here are just a few of the incredibly motivated young women I’m talking about:

Phoebe Curtis

Phoebe’s Dad, John, went to University with my husband many years ago. He married a woman named Cristina and they had three awesome boys along with this little dynamo. They live in Sydney, Australia and Phoebe takes full advantage by spending time at the beach, where she’s involved in the Surf Lifesaving Club. She recently medaled in surfing at the State Championships. She trains extensively but also manages to find time to play field hockey and water polo. The best thing about this feisty 14 year-old is that smile – it can light up a room and it never leaves her face. Strong, athletic and full of fun, that’s our Phoebe!

Miranda Daly

Ever since meeting Miranda as a newborn, I knew there was something uniquely special about her. This young woman oozes leadership abilities – she was that high school student who was a school trustee, a project team lead on countless academic projects and Student Council president. She’s as smart as a whip and has all the scholarships and academic awards to prove it. She’s hovering around top of the class as a first year engineering university student, where female students are a rare sight. For kicks, she goes on missions to Haiti to volunteer and the best thing about her? She’s kind, humble and an absolute firecracker. She’s on my “who to watch” list!

Ella Edwards-Smith

Ella's Dad, Chad, is a friend of mine from Law School. His wife, Gemma, was pregnant with Ella when I was pregnant with my first. Our first children are born only days apart. Little did I know that this little baby was going to be a musical sensation! She is a talented songwriter and performer, who can be found at music festivals, winning songwriting competitions, and being accepted to extremely selective music programs. Ella has recorded her first EP. If you want to get a taste for yourself, she has a YouTube Trailer.

Jordyn Faria

Jordyn’s mom Cindy is herself an inspiration. We met through the autism community – her son is a little bit older than my son so I was able to lean on her for support and advice back in those early days of an autism diagnosis. Both her kiddos are amazing, but I’m inspired by the generosity of Jordyn and the “Backpacks of Hope” program she started. She decided she wanted to do something for the homeless, so she got a team together and started filling up backpacks to deliver. She collected donations that included items to keep recipients warm, along with food and hygiene products. Now having run two campaigns, this gal is only gaining momentum with her kind heart and go-getter attitude!

Noelle Britton

I’ve spent a lot of time in the parenting trenches with Noelle’s mama, fellow parenting blogger, Louise Gleeson. 13 year-old Noelle popped on a pair of ballet shoes when she was three and has pretty much refused to take them off ever since. She felt most herself when at ballet class. When the opportunity came to audition for the National Ballet School of Canada, this sweet girl took a deep breath and went for it. She was accepted and is now attending school there, as well as training in their professional dance program. It is a brave and bold move for a young teenager to live away from home to follow her passion, but that’s exactly what this kid did!

Look around your community and family. Are you inspired by any young people? Tell me about an inspiring girl in your life!


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