Father's Day Fail


Father's Day Fail

In our house, we don’t go too crazy over the Hallmark holidays. But seeing as the kids do loads of crafts for these occasions, there is some celebration. The thing is, with a big and busy family, it is difficult to have a “day off” even if it is YOUR day.

The day started well with breakfast in bed and crafts galore. Since I forgot about Father’s Day until it was too late, there was no gift from me. But I’m happy to stand by the excuse of “Hey, he’s not MY father.” I reminded him that we have a new deck and while it was meant to be my Mother’s Day gift, I was willing to share it with him for Father’s Day. I’m nice like that.

As soon as he got out of bed, the day went pear-shaped. A kid dropped a jar of pickles in the kitchen and it was like a fireworks display of glass and pickle juice. Daddy-o cleaned it up. Next up was an accident that involved a kid bleeding — a lot. It was one of those accidents you would have gone to the hospital for if it was your first kid, but luckily it was our sixth kid so it saved us a trip to the Emergency Room on Father’s Day. While we were trying to stop the little guy from bleeding like a stuck pig and screaming his lungs out, the two big girls came running in the house frantic that they lost the puppy. They wanted us to help find him, but of course we snapped at them and said something like “Forget the puppy, do you want your brother to bleed to death?” Not one of our finest parenting moments. The girls found the puppy but were so traumatized that they spent the next half an hour sobbing.

Then it was dinner time and Daddy-o made us all a beautiful Father’s Day dinner before heading to the airport to leave for the week. His flight was delayed for two hours.

Daddy-o is clearly a great man since he thanked us all for a fantastic day. That said, he didn’t object when the kids suggested we have a “do over Father’s Day” next weekend. I’m calling it “Father’s Day — Take Two.”

What did Father’s Day look like in your house? Did you have a disappointed and over-worked papa or was he kicking back eating steak and bacon all day long?