Small Annoyances for a Mama of Many

The List Could Go On

Small Annoyances for a Mama of Many

1) Parent Parking Spots

You know how annoying it is when you go to the mall and someone is in that spot and they don’t have a kid? Well, I feel that frustration when I see someone in that spot and they only have two kids. I feel even more irritated when I see a car in that spot and there are two adults present! When I take my six kids to the mall to get their back-to-school shoes, I would really appreciate it if you could leave that spot for me. Kay? Thanks.

2) “Family Rates”

I used to get excited when I would take my kids to an event or activity and see “Family Rates” offered. My hopes for a bargain, however, were always quickly dashed. These rates typically include admission costs for two adults and two kids. Is that how we define “Family”? Does that mean we are not a family? What about the single parent of three kids – not a family either? Maybe it’s time to just call these special rates what they really are – The Nuclear/Million Dollar Family Rate.

3) Hearing “I’m too busy to…. (fill in with anything)”

People have different ideas of what constitutes “busy” and I am fully aware that it is all completely relative. But, if you are doing things like eating three meals a day, sleeping consecutively for six hours, actually watching your favourite TV show every week and you don’t have to respond to work e-mails at 1:00am, let this be your warning - you will not be getting a sympathetic ear if you complain about how busy you are to a Mama of Many.

This is not to say that there are not annoying things about big families. Believe me – I know them all: we ask for two-for-one specials, we look for sibling discounts, we only go to restaurants on “Kids Eat Free” nights. Mostly, we take up a lot of space and create a lot of noise. Ah well, if I can live with it all the time, I think the world can cope with my kids for those brief moments they’re released into general circulation.