Woman Hits Tim Hortons Drivethru in Style

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Woman Hits Tim Hortons Drivethru in Style

Tim Hortons Drive Thru Experience | YummyMummyClub.ca

Forget lumberjack plaid and maple syrup. The only thing possibly more quintessential Canadian than snow itself is Tim Hortons - or, rather, a Timmies run in the middle of a deep freeze. And, as a New Brunswick resident discovered, you shouldn't let one get in the way of another.

The recent cold snap didn't deter Alyson Mitton from her getting her caffeine fix. 

The dog trainer simply strapped her pair of border collies up to a sled and headed to her local Sussex drivethru. Because when you need your double-double, nothing else will do. 

And true to Canadian fashion, Mitton wasn't going to let a bit of weather - even Maritime winter weather - stop her from her daily rituals.

"It was just a slick sidewalk and stormy day, [there] was hardly any traffic, there was nobody walking, so that was our opportunity," said Mitton, whose province was one among others in Atlantic Canada to receive a significant dump of snow.

Mitton assuages concerns that the dogs pulled only a "light-weight." And though they are not huskies, you need only watch the footage to see how happy they are to be working for their Timbits. 

(Yes, Canadian dogs love their Timbits as much as their humans do.)

I wonder if, in light of this popular video, Timmies will start making a steak-flavoured Timbit... That would really be something, eh?

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What Makes Ryan Reynolds the "Sexiest Dad Alive"?

There's something about a man in a baby carrier...

What Makes Ryan Reynolds the "Sexiest Dad Alive"?

Ryan Reynolds Sexiest Dad Alive | YummyMummyClub.ca

Let's face it: there is something innately programmed in women to find new dads sexy as hell. So it's no wonder People magazine tapped into that primal attraction and appointed a celebrity who happens to be a father.

And this year it's a source of national pride to find that a Canadian has bagged the most trite title. Ryan - no not Gosling (though he was clearly a contender too) - but the other one, who is in the spotlight a lot right now with his superhero spoof, Deadpool.

Yes, Reynolds, who hails from Vancouver, B.C., has officially been crowned 2016's “Sexiest Dad Alive.” And I love how he took the news in his stride, with this reaction on Fallon: “I mean scientifically speaking, what's sexier than a man that fornicates, produces children, and then looks surprised about it.”

Notwithstanding the fact that People's lists of "beautiful and sexy people" are so 1990s (and you can only imagine the backlash if People produced a "Sexiest Mom Alive" issue), there is definitely something to the notion that men become sexier when they become fathers for the first time. Studies have backed up the theory.

The 39 year-old actor, who has a one year-old daughter with Blake Lively, often jokes about parenthood in his Twitter feed. But he also isn't afraid to openly gush about what his new role means to him - a trait that is arguably more attractive than all the stubble and sculpted physiques in the world. So much for "dad bod"...

“I never admitted it out loud, to myself or my wife, but I really wanted a little girl,” he said. “I don’t have to prepare to be wrapped around my daughter’s finger. I have been wrapped around her little finger since the day she plopped out into this world.”

Having a daughter, to Reynolds who grew up in a family of boys, was “a dream come true.”

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Meet the Momo Twins: A Cuteness So Rare  

Prepare to feel deeply, instantly broody

Meet the Momo Twins: A Cuteness So Rare  

Rare Mom Twins on Instagram | YummyMummyClub.ca

Who are the Momo twins, and why are we obsessed with them?

Nicknamed "momo" - as in monoamniotic-monochorionic - the six-month-old twins are Instagram sensations because they are so adorable you just want to reach inside the images of them in matching outfits and gobble them up whole!

Not only are Leia and Lauren cuteness personified, they are also rareness personified. The identical twins are the rarest type since they shared their mom's amniotic sac and placenta - something that only happens in one per cent of twins pregnancies. 

Since their birth, mom Amber Yong's Instagram account has turned the chubby pair into social media superstars, with a 72,000-strong following.

Take one look at their recent photo for Chinese New Year, and you can see why they are so popular. 


The gushing seems to know no bounds, as they have turned women from all around into broody drips who are contemplating popping out more babies of their own.

The girls look plump and ridiculously healthy, but looks can be deceiving. They were born prematurely at 32 weeks for fear of cord entanglement, weighing just 1.5kg. 

“We hope this video gives faith and inspiration to those parents with preemies and that the dark days do pass quickly, and happy (noisy) days shall prevail,” said Yong.

Though the twins bring back happy memories of my own little boy's delicious dimpled cheeks and jelly roll limbs, I am content to admire them from afar. 

Image Source: Instagram/leialauren

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