STUDY: Your Anxiety Could Make Your Child a Fussy Eater

which came first: the fussy eating or the anxiety?

STUDY: Your Anxiety Could Make Your Child a Fussy Eater

Causes of Kid's Pickey Eating Habits | YummyMummyClub.ca

Got a fussy eater? Your anxiety or depression could be a contributing factor. At least that's the take home of a study from the Netherlands.

"It's not clear what influences fussy eating," said lead author Lisanne de Barse of Erasmus MC-University Medical Center in Rotterdam. "What we knew is that there was a relationship between mothers' anxiety and depression during the child's life and their children's fussy eating."

Of course some degree of picky eating is totally normal in the preschool set. But where fussy eating was previously linked to constipation, weight and behavioural issues, researchers now cite parental mental health as a potential factor.

However, researchers weren't sure whether the parents' anxiety caused the fussy eating or vice versa. 

The study, published in the Archives of Disease in Childhood, followed more than 4,000 mothers and fathers respectively who had children between April 2002 and January 2006. The parents reported about their mental health and the eating patterns of their child at ages three and four.

Researchers noted a direct correlation between a mother's anxiety and depression during and following pregnancy and the likelihood of her child being rated as a fussy eater. 

Even a father's anxiety during their child's early years was tied to picky eating habits.

"For parents themselves, when they experience anxiety or depression they should report that to their doctors because it could have an impact on themselves and their child," said de Barse.

But don't let another study about parental anxiety make you grow more anxious. Kids can smell when we're stressed and worried from a mile off. 

I'm sure our nutritionists would agree, the best way to get your fussy child to eat is to keep offering them a wide assortment of healthy foods without pressure. And be patient. Most kids naturally go through a picky eating phase that is outgrown as they develop.

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Hilarious Fantasy Hotline Reveals What Turns Parents On

"Say that thing about Saturday... and no commitments”

Hilarious Fantasy Hotline Reveals What Turns Parents On

Parental Fantasy Hotline | YummyMummyClub.ca

Funny how your fantasies change once you become a parent. That's the premise of a spoof hotline chat gone viral.

“I’ve never called one of these lines before, so I’m a bit nervous,” admits Hamish Blake to fellow comedian Andy Lee in the hilarious YouTube clip in which a dad calls a sexy hotline from his car - while on a diaper run - just to listen to a regular single guy talk about his life.

Hearing Lee describe his weekend - which includes spontaneous pub visits and sleeping until your body naturally wakes - can't help but turn on dad Blake.

“Oh my God... Say that again," says Blake, in mock arousal, "Say that thing about Saturday being free ... and no commitments.”

Imagine that - going out at 1 a.m., sleeping in, cooking breakfast just. for. yourself.

It's funny the kind of amnesia that strikes once you become a parent. It seems unfathomable to have so much free time to yourself, in which to do as you please, and no one to look after but yourself. I think that kind of amnesia serves an evolutionary purpose - without it we would probably feel bitter and even a bit depressed.

Don't know about you, but I can hardly remember the carefree days before my son was born. And personally - OK, except for the sleep part - I wouldn't change a thing about my chaotic, kid-centric life.

Hey, a girl can still fantasize...

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Is Baby Box Canada Legit?

Rest assured, Ontarians

Is Baby Box Canada Legit?

Baby Boxes Coming to Canada | YummyMummyClub.ca

Many of us were giddy at the news that parents-to-be in Ontario would would receive a baby box similar to that available in Finland. But since the details were sketchy, others wondered whether Baby Box Canada was indeed legitimate?

Unlike the Finnish initiative, Baby Box Canada is not run by the government. It's a nonprofit that relies on donations from unnamed sponsors and contributors.

The boxes provided won't double up as cribs, yet will provide essentials such as "bibs, diapers, bath towels, onesies, lotion, nursing pads, toys, diaper cream, shampoo." Also included will be get-started guides on everything from breastfeeding, car safety, to swaddling.

HuffPost confirmed with Baby Box Canada that the nonprofit is in fact legit and registered. It was started by Toronto parents-turned-entrepreneurs, Romi and Edward Walker, who remember how overwhelmed they felt before their first child was born in 2014.

The couple opted for a nonprofit (with any proceeds being fed directly back into the organization) rather than a charity so that all parents could benefit from the service - not just those who qualified.

Some users were dubious as to how personal data is stored and collected. But Baby Box Canada assured users that it takes privacy "very seriously" and would not sell PIDs (Personal Identifiable Data). Once delivery dates are finalized, Baby Box will send out email requests confirming shipping information.

An initial requirement of 5,000 registrations was required to guarantee sufficient interest. That goal was met early on, with 18,500 users currently signed up. Now the nonprofit is working hard to ensure an April ship date. Alternate packages will be sent to those with earlier due dates.

"We plan for the box to arrive two to three months before expected due dates - right when parents are starting to think about how to stock their homes for their new baby."

Alberta currently runs a provincially funded program called “Welcome to Parenthood.” A box program also exists in Saskatoon, but at a cost to parents.

If you signed up for the service in Ontario, please let us know when you receive your box.

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