Bethenny Frankel Wears Her 4-Year-Old's PJs

Does this send a bad message or was she just having a playful moment with her daughter?

Bethenny Frankel Wears Her 4-Year-Old's PJs

Getting back into your old jeans after having a kid is a thing, but trying to squeeze into your preschooler's clothes? That's a whole new world of pain—unless you are Bethenny Frankel. 

According to an article in Huffington Post, the 43-year-old creator of Skinny Girl cocktails and former Real Housewives of New York star posted photos of herself proudly wearing her four-year-old daughter's Hello Kitty PJs on Instagram. There was backlash almost immediately, with Twitter users shouting that she should be ashamed of herself and that she's gross and she's body-shaming her daughter.

As somewhat of an explanation, Frankel says that she was just listening to her daughter, as you do when you have a pre-schooler in your home. 


What do you think? Does this send a bad message or was she just having a playful moment with her daughter? 

A case of Instagram sillies—as our blogger Kat Armstrong thinks, or a sad commentary about the lengths some women will go to stay thin? 

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What Parents Are Doing Wrong (According to British Nanny)

Read this if you don't want to raise self-entitled brats

What Parents Are Doing Wrong (According to British Nanny)

What is it about British nannies and their no-nonsense approach to parenting that leaves the rest of us stammering and quaking in our boots? 

Apparently, these are the "greatest problems" parents make, according to formally trained British nanny, Emma Jenner (courtesy of the Huffington Post):

1. A fear of our children.
Jenner claims that in our desperation to avoid a meltdown at all costs, we inadvertently let our kids call the shots. "What are you afraid of, mum? Who is in charge here?" So little Sally wants a different sippy cup. Too bad, says Jenner. Let her have a tantrum.

2. A lowered bar.
Are you excusing bad behaviour on the pretence that 'kids will be kids'? Rubbish, says Jenner. Children need to be taught "proper manners, respect for elders, chores, generosity [and] self-control" before they can exercise those values. "Raise the bar," says Jenner, "and your child shall rise to the occasion."

3. We've lost the village.
Whatever happened to that village we all hear so much about? These days people are reluctant to step in and get involved if they see other people's children misbehaving. And if parents do witness someone giving their little angel what-for, you can bet they will throw their toys. Instead of judging the mom (inevitable), witnesses should be supportive, saying "'Hey, good work—I know setting limits is hard.'"

4. A reliance on shortcuts.
Jenner loves gizmos as much as the next person. Problem is, we tend to rely on them too heavily and too readily. Shortcuts, she says, can be "a slippery slope." Kids—and babies—will only learn patience if we force them to wait sometimes. 

5. Parents put their children's needs ahead of their own.
In Jenner's opinion, today's parents have subsumed their needs. Obviously evolution plays a part, but kids should learn the meaning of 'no' or even 'wait' on occasion, thereby allowing mom "to use the toilet in private or flick through a magazine for that matter."

Former host of TLC's 'Take Home Nanny' Jenner drops some harsh truths to parents. If we don't heed these five "grave parenting mistakes," she warns that our kids will wind up turning into nasty adults: 
"It won't be their fault—it will be ours," writes Jenner, who has no children of her own. "We never taught them any differently, we never expected any more of them. We never wanted them to feel any discomfort, and so when they inevitably do, they are woefully unprepared for it." 

What do you think of Jenner's advice? Spot on or simply callous?



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The 7-Year-Old Who Became A Real Princess Overnight

The jewel in his crown

The 7-Year-Old Who Became A Real Princess Overnight

A little girl from Virginia can now wear her tiara proudly. Emily Heaton is now a bona fide princess, thanks to her father's curious real estate acquisition.

According to an article in the Huffington Post, Jeremiah Heaton wanted his princess' dreams come true so he scoured the planet until he found a plot of land which he could stake his family's claim.

Cue Bir Tawil, an 800 square-mile patch between Egypt and Sudan that was been the subject of a centuries-old land dispute. It is one of the last remaining unclaimed areas in the world.

In June, Heaton ventured into the desert and staked his kid-designed 'Heaton kingdom' flag.

Of her new title, Princess Emily can only utter that "it's cool." 

It remains dubious whether Egyptian and Sudanese officials will recognize the new nation, which aims to establish an "agricultural hub" that will help feed people in the region. 

Apparently no one wants Bir Tawil because accepting it would, according to old treaties, assume that nation relinquished the more desirable and "resource-rich" are of Halai'b.

There you have it.

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