About Us

YMC has long stood for Yummy Mummy Club, and while moms are by definition members of the same unique group, as part of our natural evolution over the last decade, we are now so much more.

YMC means saying Yes to You. It means taking time for Yourself and celebrating the Yin and Yang of being a Mom. Raising and loving children is Messy and full of Misadventures. YMC is here to Motivate – and Celebrate – Moms. We remind you to take time to be Mindful and enjoy all Motherhood’sMisadventures.

We are first and foremost a Caring and Candid Community. YMC can be Cheeky and Captivating, or the place for a good Chuckle or Cry. Find your Calling, find your Community, find a Connection.

At YMC, Moms Matter. In the end, we are simply YMC giving you Motherhood Unfiltered.