Soften Ice-Cold Butter - FAST!

Do you ever have the urge to bake something on short notice? When a last-minute PD-Day play date comes up, and you are so impressed with the excellent behaviour and manners of your kids and their friends, do you just feel compelled to bake a batch of mini chocolate chip banana muffins?

But there's just one problem: the butter is so cold, it's practically a frozen block.

The Easiest Way To Grease Your Pans

Did I say problem? Forget that. I have the solution!

While you are preheating your oven, place your too-cool-for-school butter into an oven safe bowl (the same bowl you'll use to make the batter), set it inside the oven, and let it come up to a useable temperature.

I think this is a terrific solution because it is making use of the preheating oven--so no wasted energy. Baking bonus!


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