How To Fix A Broken Fingernail

I recently broke a fingernail so far down that I’m sure the neighbours almost called the police about my screams. If you’ve ever felt that pain, you know the swearing is completely justified, and you can understand why it’s, apparently, commonly used in torturing prisoners to make them talk.

The dilemma that comes with it is that you can’t cut the nail down too far either, which could further damage the nail bed.

I discovered that using a tea bag can be extremely effective in maintaining the nail’s integrity while you grow it out to a non-scream-inducing length.

Cut open a tea bag and dispose of the tea. I actually favour one of the newer plastic mesh bags from a grande steeped China Green Tips tea, letting it cool, tossing out the leaves, and drying it on a paper towel. Carefully cut a small piece to fit across the ripped nail. Clean the nail area and dry thoroughly. Gently place the piece of tea bag on the nail and carefully drop a drip of nail glue (or other super-strength glue) on the nail. Use a toothpick to spread the glue. After the glue has dried, gently buff with an emery board or file. The glue and tea bag should hold up for days, and even weeks, until the nail grows out.

No cursing required.

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